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Top 10 Best Performing Projects — February 2020

February saw a mini alt season, with most altcoins seeing significant price movement upwards. In this article, we take a look at the coins which gained the most from February 1st to February 29th.

1) Trias +268% — rank 924 to 780

$TRY started the month at $0.000393 and peaked at $0.002 on February 24th. Trias’ rise in price coincided with Trias signing a strategic cooperation with the Shanghai Open-source Information Technology Association.

2) PlatonCoin +209% — rank 878 to 758

$PLTC started the month with a low of $0.094 on February 1st and peaked at $0.329 on February 19th, a day after the release of the project’s finance White Paper.

3) Kyber Network +194% — rank 112 to 42

$KNC saw a steady rise throughout the month from $0.29 on February 1st to $0.6 at the end of the month. The coin moved 70 places from 112 to 42 on CoinMarketCap. The spike in price occured on the 26th, a day after Coinbase Pro listed Kyber Network.

4) Origin Protocol +179% — rank 590 to 342

$OGN’s spike in price happened after they announced on February 6th that their flagship Marketplace app was integrated into the Samsung Blockchain Wallet. This made its price rise from $0.11 to $0.42 in just 9 days.

5) Hedera Hashgraph +169% — rank 156 to 51

$HBAR had a stellar month and its price grew from $0.013 to $0.075 over a 12-day period after Google joined the Hedera Hashgraph governing council.

6) Crypto Verification Coin +162% — rank 1231 to 275

$CVCC had a 162% growth, which reflected a change in ranking from 1231 to 275 on CoinMarketCap. $CVCC price rose from $7.54 on February 2nd to peak at $35.55 on February 14th. No update was released this month by the project.

7) Kusama +160% — rank 2035 to 2042

$KSM was the only coin in this list which saw a fall in rank from 2035 at the start of February before ending the month at 2042 on CoinMarketCap despite a remarkable growth. We can hypothesize this is due to several projects getting listed near these ranks. $KSM rose from $1.02 on February 10th to $3.09 on the 25th of February. Kusama’s price started appreciating after it was listed on Kucoin on the 12th.

8) Verasity +160% — rank 702 to 514

Its ranking on CoinMarketCap improved from 702 to 514. Verasity was listed on Bittrex Global, contributing to the peak in price at $0.00142 on February 23rd.

9) Reserve Rights Token +144% — rank 324 to 145

$RSR rose from $0.0019 on February 4th and peaked at $0.0049 on February 27th. $RSR had a steady rise all throughout the month but got a huge bump on the 26th after $RSR was nominated for a coin listing vote on

10) Apollo +133% — rank 318 to 263

$APL rose from its February 17th lows of $ 0.000598, before ending the month at a high of $0.01148. It is still going strong, in anticipation of a yet to be aired interview its media director had with Nasdaq earlier in the month.

That’s it for this month! Crypto is starting to wake up. Many quality people have been working hard and it finally shows in the price.

March promises to be more eventful, and we will be here to keep track of all the movements in the market. Don’t forget to clap!

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