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Top 5 Best Performing Projects in June 2020

June didn’t disappoint with a lot of projects giving multiple ROIs. DeFi projects were the biggest movers in June and it’s no surprise we had some featuring in this list.

1) APIX 1149% — rank 478 to 224 — 45M Mcap

APIS is a world-first masternode platform cryptocurrency. $APIX posted a whopping 1149% gain in June. Highlights of the month include signing an MOU with The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG), listing on COINZEUS, and FOBLGATE.

APIS Team joined AWS Partner Network and was officially registered as a partner of the ‘Select Technology Partner’ level.

2) Jarvis+ 321% — rank 1457 to 1259–364K Mcap

Jarvis+ is a multi-person multi-chat Conversation bot service based on artificial intelligence natural language interaction (NLP) technology and the big data mining and training platform behind it.

Jarvis made a lot of progress in the areas of research and development as well as operations which was well documented in the biweekly reports. $JAR increased by 321% in June.

3) SwissBorg 294% — rank 319 to 165 — 63M Mcap

The SwissBorg project aims to revolutionize asset management solutions with a community-centric approach powered by Ethereum, with its Wealth App. The DeFi project was featured by Ivan on Tech. Enjin Coin was added to the Swissborg Wealth App.

Support for USDC and Pax Gold was also enabled. $CHSB’s 294% growth catapulted it into the top 100 on CoinMarketCap. SwissBorg’s Wealth App was also made available in over 100 countries.

4) Molecular Future 253% — rank 319 to 165 –30M Mcap

Molecular Future is a financial investment services platform committed to creating a global one-stop digital asset investment service platform. $MOF grew 253%.

During the month of June, Molecular Future released periodic weekly updates on tech development of their platform.

5) ShareRing 237% — rank 502 to 432 — 8.8M Mcap

ShareRing aims to make sharing and renting services quicker and simpler for everyone by creating an accessible and sustainable global ecosystem for the sharing and renting economies. $SHR grew by 237%. The ShareRing Shop went live, as well as ShareLedger v1.1. ShareRing was a beneficiary of investment from Alpha Sigma Capital, a digital assets fund focused on delivering growth capital to blockchain companies and projects.

ShareRing also integrated with FireBlocks Network to bring enterprise-grade security to the ShareRing network ecosystem

With Bitcoin showing some uncertainty at the moment, altcoins are not showing any signs of losing steam. Will June’s momentum follow through into July or is a correction around the corner with Bitcoin’s tendency of posting a negative performance in July looming heavily on the minds of traders. As always, we will be here to bring you updates. Don’t forget to clap!

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