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Top 7 Best Performing Projects in July 2020

There was a mini alt season in July with multiple cryptocurrencies posting very impressive gains. We take a look at the top 7 from the month. As expected, the list is dominated by projects in the DeFi space.

1) 10870% — rank 84–111M Mcap

10870%, no this is not a typo. That’s a bit more than 100X., created by software architect Andre Cronje, is a decentralized ecosystem of aggregators that utilize lending services such as Aave, Compound, Dydx, and Fulcrum to optimize your token lending. $YFI gained a whopping 10870% buoyed by the fact that the total supply was only 30,000. Things started to get heated for $YFI after the 17th of July following a series of product launches, which drove attention and interest up. The security review by Quantstamp Labs was also released.

2) DOS Network 1441% — rank 569 to 329 — 18M Mcap

DOS Network is a decentralized oracle service network to boost blockchain usability with real-world data and computation power. DOS Network began the month by joining the DeFi bandwagon. The oracle service network announced that it would be providing price data for various DeFi protocols. DOS Network Caelus Mainnet was launched and staking launched immediately after.

In 24 hours, 1.72 million $DOS were delegated and staked. At press time, 10.8% of the circulating supply was being staked. $DOS liquidity was also added on Uniswap.

3) Hyprr 1143% — rank 657 to 502 — 7.9M Mcap

Hyprr, previously Howdoo, identifies itself as the blockchain-powered social media platform that’s secure, fair, and puts you in control. The hype leading up to the much-anticipated rebrand to Hyprr propelled $UDOO to a 1143% run.

Hyprr also announced Alpha Sigma Capital as a new Strategic Investment partner.

4) ShareRing 486% — rank 368 to 147 — 60M Mcap

ShareRing aims to make sharing and renting services quicker and simpler for everyone by creating an accessible and sustainable global ecosystem for the sharing and renting economies. 12 Peers marked their first investment into the digital asset space by investing in ShareRing. This month, ShareRing partnered with GDA Capital for growth capital and distribution, as well as the billion-dollar digital asset fund Alphabit.

ShareRing was listed on LBank, Binance DEX and Bithumb with the latter announced during an AMA with Gains Associates.

5) Travala 407% — rank 299 to 134 — 18M Mcap claims to be the leading blockchain-based travel booking platform offering over 2,000,000 hotels and accommodations in 230 countries with cheaper prices than mainstream travel booking platforms. There was some speculation that it was getting listed on Binance after some mentions on Twitter by CZ.

Expedia partnered with for Crypto Bookings as well as with Swipe to enable $AVA payments at 60 million merchants. MEET.ONE announced as their official travel partner. This month, Travala was listed on, MXC exchange, and Probit.

6) Akropolis 379% — rank 464 to 222 — 31M Mcap

Polkadot substrate Akropolis is a decentralized and autonomous community economy making lending and pensions simple. This month, the Delphi prototype was released with the launch coming soon.

$AKRO was whitelisted on Balancer and listed on Hotbit. Akropolis was accepted for the Genesis Block of the Gitcoin KERNEL fellowship.

7) Bluzelle 349% — rank 410 to 234 — 33M Mcap

Bluzelle is a decentralized data layer for dApps to manage data in a secure, censorship-resistant, and highly scalable manner. True to theme, Bluzelle thrived with the DeFi hype. This month, Bluzelle triggered and helped to resolve an important bug in the Tendermint Consensus Engine. The Bluzelle decentralized Messenger became available for beta testing.

Bluzelle also partnered with HedgeTrade to provide a decentralized framework for financial data. To climax a good month, Bluzelle announced the beginning of the launch of its mainnet, coming in subsequent months.

DeFi may have spurred the July alt season. Almost every dead project tried resurrecting with the DeFi theme. It worked, but the question remains if they will be able to sustain the momentum, or they will fall off the wagon again when the DeFi bubble bursts. We will be here to give you the answers. Don’t forget to clap!

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