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TribeOne — Telegram AMA — September 10

On Friday, September 10, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Mehdi Suleman, CEO
Kei, Artist
Broyal, Artist

We asked them questions about the development of TribeOne.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


TribeOne, the world’s first truly AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology. RAROC is a risk-based profitability measurement framework that analyses risk-adjusted financial performance. TribeOne is extensively an NFT, lending, borrowing, saving, and credit risk platform that offers a seamless experience.

This community-driven organization aims to mass adopt DeFi by diminishing entry barriers, revising accessibility, and ensuring maximum usage for all market participants on a large scale. There is a high focus on building a self-governing corporation with innovative crypto finance products where the community decides the pricing, risks, and rewards within the global blockchain ecosystem.

This incredible venture is innovated as the next-generation DeFi platform based on Web 3.0. DeFi (Decentralized finance) is an umbrella term for various financial applications in the crypto or blockchain space, which don’t require financial intermediaries. This technology helps create efficient capital, using its distributed ledger and features of transparency, immutability, and scalability.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) provides an opportunity to give masses equitable access to financial services with significant trust and minor risks. Standing against the conglomerates with the ultimate goal to empower billions to achieve financial independence, TribeOne gives supreme control of the finances back to people with utmost flexibility.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please introduce yourself. What did you do before crypto and did you have any other previous venture in crypto?

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: My name is Mehdi Suleman, I carry over 20+ years of experience in the largest retail banks of the Middle East region, building products and teams with the inception to growing business with a total value locked over $1.2 billion. Throughout my tenure, I worked in senior leadership roles overseeing business, operations & managing large cross-department teams. Now, I am the founder and CEO of TribeOne.

A — Broyal from Tribe One: My name is Broyal. I have 2+ years of experience in NFTs. I also have experience following several NFT projects, and I am an artist in the Broyal metaverse. We use abstract themes in our art with a mix of digital creations.

A — Kei from Tribe One: I am Kei a 3D visual artist residing in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I have a year of NFT experience. I have a focus on creating a world of imagery that captures my feelings and emotions. My work is an extension of my mind coming to life, and I hope to grow alongside it. Currently, my main goal is to continue to build my world and portfolio one step at a time.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Mehdi, can you tell us about your dApp, your dApp pre-marketing plan ‘NFT BATTLE ROYALE’, and how it will benefit the users?

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: Firstly our dApp amalgamates the best of the DeFi and NFT spaces in order to build a never-seen-before consociation for the crypto community. Our primary focus is to offer simplified NFT-funding solutions construed within a user-friendly, all-in-one interface — TribeOne gives users access to a wide range of NFTs through our various marketplace integrations, AI-based risk-assessment for instant loan approvals, and a convenient payment processing system.

🔥 Read about our dApp in detail here

Our dApp pre-launch marketing plan ‘NFT Battle Royale’- an exciting set of competitions to unleash the power of NFTs. Our objectives and goals of this campaign are to

— Promote new NFT investors by providing the community funding to purchase their favorite digital work.
— Boost the growth of NFT artists with more visibility and exposure across different communities.
— To bridge an essential gap of NFT lending currently present in the NFT sphere. The ultimate reward for users participating in this competition is getting 100% LTV and no interest charged. Read about our dApp pre-launch marketing campaign here

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: I must say Kei, your art is truly unique, and it draws a lot of inspiration from the multiverse. Can you tell me what inspires you to be a part of this NFT world and what you envision it to be? Feel free, to share some examples of your artwork so the GAINS community can appreciate the wonderful pieces you have.

A — Kei: Thank you so much! What inspires me to be part of this NFT world is the ability to create my own world for people to see. I want to produce works of art that develop a long-lasting value for years to come. Many of my works depict beings that represent many things from strong emotion to gods and goddesses. Let me share a few here. I envision the NFT space getting larger and larger. I see it as something that can change the world not just in terms of art, but with everything.

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Now, a similar question to @Just8889, Broyal your artwork draws a lot of its inspiration from the Metaverse; how did you come up with the concept that this abstract artwork could turn into an NFT?

A — Broyal: Thanks for the question we were inspired by this concept from an artist whose name I didn’t mention, but we were inspired by a neat abstract design and we also followed the initial metaverse concept What we will build in Q2 yes we are Will build the initial 3d concept of the future We also envision abstract designs getting deeper in art.

And we thought of this abstract work as NFT because we felt that we could turn ordinary abstract images into extraordinary ones in digital art This is also one of the breakthrough arts in the NFT world 😊

Q — Twitter user @kenny_kimora: Honestly, I just saw a design like this. You can combine a pile of circles into a design like a universe. And most of the NFT designs are based on POP ART. Why did you choose this design path and who was the painter/artist who inspired you?

A — Broyal: I chose this design because I am very interested in abstract art designs and I am also experienced in abstract painting so I combined all the initial concepts into one And our painters also consist of two people, they are experienced in the art world for 2 years. so they are experienced in the art of NFT and abstrak.

We were also inspired by some of the artists when I was young.

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: What other type of NFTs would you like to make in the future, what do you envision for the future 😊

This is Artwork NFTs do you look forward to exploring more types like collectibles, music, etc.

A — Broyal from Tribe One: So we envision combining NFT 3d with our abstract NFT in the future, like 3d concept combined with abstract

We will also release our music soon

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Nice. The final question for this section is open to everyone. What is your opinion about the NFT world, and what is one thing that needs to be redefined in the space to grow it extensively?

A — Kei: The NFT world is one of the most welcoming communities. The speed in growth from this world is mind-boggling and something fascinating to be a part of. So many communities inside of bigger ones. So many amazing projects happening at the same time. It’s something you can fully engulf yourself into and be okay doing it.

The one thing I would say that needs to be redefined is the ease of access for newcomers. This turns off a lot of skeptical audiences from understanding and seeing the great side of this world. That may be the one thing holding the community back from skyrocketing

A — Broyal: I think NFT is a showcase event that an artist really needs because it’s a very easy and more extensive application

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: Well in my opinion NFTs came in as a surprise for the crypto sphere. This is the hidden gem of the DeFi sphere that would transform not only the world of digital art giving it a new meaning but also the crypto world that adds value to the ecosystem. However, there is so much more to NFTs than meets the eye. NFT is not just a million-dollar artwork but it will be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

At TribeOne we see NFT holding value over a period of time which is only possible if the user has the holding power and that power can only be achieved through our financing solutions. Also answering the second part of the question I think NFT lending is one aspect that we are trying to bridge in the NFT and DeFi sphere with our first NFT lending instant dApp.

Making different NFT easy for the community by financially supporting them with our products. The rewards we have for our NFT battle royale for the users is they can win the artists' NFT for free. That means 100% LTV and no interest charged !!

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: There are currently a lot of projects in the NFT space. How is TribeOne going to redefine the DeFi and NFT sphere as a whole?

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: I agree with you there are a lot of projects in the NFT space but with TribeOne we’ve done something different let me tell you how

Tribeone wants to transform the DeFi space with all the possible features that the current ecosystem lacks, making it a comprehensive and one-stop shop for all user needs. With our dApp TribeOne is here with its groundbreaking, first instant NFT lending dApp, that offers the community the following solutions:

1. Users will be able to own their favorite NFTs on the platform and avail loans to finance their purchases in just three simple steps: SELECT — The user on the dApp selects their preferred NFT from the TribeOne marketplace and applies for a loan to enable the purchase of the same. CONFIRM — They then review the terms of the loans and make informed decisions based on these specifications. RELEASE — In just three simple steps, the user will now have custodianship of the NFT!

2. The first 50 users on the platform will have the opportunity to receive exclusive interest rates, beginning at as little as 1%.

3. $HAKA holders can avail of special discounts on their favorite NFT’s and additionally get preferential interest rates.

4. Users have access to a wide range of NFTs through our various marketplace integrations, AI-based risk assessment for instant loan approvals, and a convenient payment processing system. Our users will be able to access their marketplace where minting NFTs is simple as some clicks.

Q — Twitter user @NegativeHobbs. You speak about your favorite 3d conceptual artists, but who are those artists? You also speak about the collection of higher beings, but are there other collections available already?

A — Kei: Yes! I do not believe they are on here much but a few would be @chowzuh and @fakito on Twitter. When I first began they were huge inspirations for me creating my own beings that translated emotion and straight through art. As for more from the collection, the rest are currently not minted as yet, as they were previous works. I also had pieces named “Ruler” and “Theia, but they have been collected. Helios, “City of Angels” and “All is not lost” are also a part of this. Other than helios, this is the only other piece I have currently available

Q— Mehdi from Tribe One: What is the inspiration behind this NFT?

A — Kei: This piece was inspired by my childhood media consumption! I grew up watching tons of abstract media such as Japanese cartoons and superhero movies. This was my first attempt at creating my own world. My own landscape of beings that thrive. A piece very close to me named “City of Angels”

Also, I believe beings of this magnitude exist in some way. We are just unable to visualize them. This was me attempting to visualize them

Q — Telegram user mElon Masak: Why is TribeOne a revolutionary NFT platform?

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: Let me explain the products I hope will answer your question better

i) NFT borrowing — Revolutionary tailor-made NFT centric products that TribeOne will offer to all a.NFT Loans — Loans offered against NFTs as collateral b.NFT Mortgage- Loans offered to buy NFTs

ii)NFT pool invest — Community-based pool funding to invest in NFTs — NFTs are evaluated by leading NFT appraisers — DeFi insurance to cover the impermanent loss.

Competitive Advantage

Q — Twitter user @baykusbirligi: Even though TribeOne is offering awesome features with an all-in-one platform, it still has some competitors in the market. Can you please tell the main killer features of TribeOne to convince people to join TribeOne?

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: TribeOne aims to bring improvement and innovations to the DeFi world. Currently, the lending space within DeFi is overly collateralized. This situation is not in favor of the borrowers and is not giving back enough to them. 💪

We are launching a first all-in-one platform with consumer-centric features like NFT funding, low to zero collateralized loans, loans to micro financiers, DeFi insurance. TribeOne also provides a liquidity threshold that works like an airbag. As we understand the volatile nature of crypto, the organization will offer an additional buffer of 35% making it up to a 125% liquidity threshold. In comparison, the competitors provide an average liquidity threshold value of up to 90%.

There is no such platform out there that solves all the user needs in one place. That is what makes us different from other projects.🚀

Q — Telegram user ROXY: For this TribeOne project Can you give me 2–3 advantages of this project, to convince me and other investors to invest long and long term in this project?

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: Let me give you our key highlights:

  1. Our core management possesses over 20 years of combined lending experience, in both the traditional and fintech industries, which gives us a cutting edge over our competitors as our management is aware of the problems faced by users in the traditional financial world.
  2. We also introduce the first innovational platform in the DeFi ecosystem to provide access to zero to low collateral loans for the masses.
  3. We have our very own superhero created as an inbuilt Financial Actuary (RAROC — Risk-Adjusted Return on Crypto) to determine the rating of borrowers. It’s a technology created by us to safeguard our users from the volatile nature of crypto.

Business Development

Q — Telegram user Wiley: Is there a competition on NFT going on, how is it, what are the participation requirements?

A — Mehdi from Tribe One: 🖼 Yes our NFT BATTLE ROYALE is still going on. Here is a detailed explanation of the competition. You can also reach out to my team for the participating requirements 😊

Q — Telegram user 😍😍😍 Love 😍😍😍: Can you tell me what advantages will you have in this field in the future?

A — Kei from Tribe One: I would love to expand my portfolio and grow my art to where it goes through different mediums such as games and collections. I have experience when it comes to some of these fields and believes by combining that with a strong backing, I can make a positive impact on the NFT entertainment world.

Mehdi Suleman, Arrogant Kei, and Broyal , thanks for coming into our community, and taking the time to answer our questions. Anything else you’d like to say? Where can we follow you to stay updated and see more of your amazing works of art? — Ayeley Commodore-Mensah from GAINS

So there are lots of interesting things to look out for so keep a watch 👀 on our socials! 😎📢 Telegram | Telegram ANN | Twitter | Medium | LinkedIn | Website

Thank you @Just8889 & @arrogantkei for actively participating 👏 Thank you to the entire community it was lovely being here 😇 Have a good day! — Mehdi Suleman from Tribe One

Thank you for having us! I would like to say if you would like to follow my journey as I grow with my work you can follow my Twitter — Arrogant Kei

Thanks for Ama today You can follow Broyal punk on Twitter — Broyal

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