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Wallfair — Telegram AMA — December 14

On Tuesday, December 14, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Greg Micyk, CMO

We asked him questions about the development of Wallfair.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


Wallfair provides technological infrastructure and entertainment systems to the web3 industry, with a focus on interactive and highly social gaming and wagering platforms.

Built on Polygon, wallfair is bringing the $800bn betting industry into the Metaverse. Underpinning the Wallfair is the WFAIR token required for ecosystem participation (creating and participating in events) and receiving a portion of platform fees. This makes the platform a decentralized one as the WFAIR token holders can participate in decision-making along with the Wallfair management team. WFAIR is the native currency that can be used on the platform to bet, game, stake or create events.

The platform’s native ERC-20 token, “WFAIR”, powers the entire ecosystem by serving as the digital currency for gambling betting, event creation, staking, voting and the native currency for the NFT marketplace.
Wallfair’s technology seamlessly integrates with any (regulated) casino operator, game developers as well as “play to earn” games and metaverse applications. WFAIR is building long-term value on a 5-year vision. With every new partner, user and token holder the value of the network is growing.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Please tell us a put yourself and your crypto journey so far

A — Greg from Wallfair: In short, pitch elevator-like words Wallfair provides technological infrastructure and systems to the web3 industry with a focus on interactive, social gaming, and wagering platforms. We like to call ourselves Metaverse builders as our goal is to enable any partner to build an entertainment metaverse with our technology as the foundations. We also introduced our own Token $WFAIR — it’s our native currency that can be used on the platform to participate in games or create events and it’s all built on Polygon.

We are a very nimble team of doers — we are actually very proud of this that we deliver products not only the dreams:)

About Wallfair

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: For those who weren’t here with us then, can you give us an overview of the Wallfair project?

A — Greg from Wallfair: Of course! So we focus on speculative entertainment and on providing the tech foundation for any partner wishing to build their own speculative entertainment metaverse

We pivoted a bit from focusing purely on live events into a more complex and complete experience. We also decided to show what we can do practically instead of just saying/writing about it — metaverse is still a lot of things so it’s easier to show than tell this is how the Alpaca Verse was born

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: The Alpaca Verse. Please tell us more about it

A — Greg from Wallfair: It’s a super interesting project. As mentioned before the idea of a metaverse is still vague for a lot of people and partners so we wanted not only to show what we think it is but also to show the technical capabilities of our platform

We decided to launch Alpacaverse in Phases — each phase will consist of 6 events and at the moment we are looking at at least 3 Phases spread over the next 18months The first phase of the Alpacaverse will be launched on Friday with the launch of Alpacacino. This will be followed by launching AlpacaNFT and Alpacarena plus 3 undisclosed events.

So if anyone wants to see where is it going feel free to signup. It’s the first step into the metaverse but we have planned a super exciting journey! And of course, the native currency in Alpacaverse will be our own WFAIR

Q — Telegram user Anitax: Alpacasino is just one of the many mini-worlds that can be discovered within the World of Alpaca that Wallfair is promoting. So, can you give more details about Alpacasino? What are its main features? Will it be available soon? What are its mini-games?

A — Greg from Wallfair: So it’s fun from the beginning — first you create your Alpaca profile (btw worth working on it as we will soon convert these into NFTs…) then you jump into the mini-games. My favorite is probably Pump and Dump, a super funny crash game. I know that our testers loved the Elon game and Plinko but there will be also a lot of games from SmartSoft and those guys are super talented so their games are also awesome

Next year we will enable Arena, trades, and tons of other social features that will make you a herd animal, like real Alpaca;)

Q — Twitter user @DVenditte: When users don’t win on a black or red bet, the resulting proceeds go to the casino. So what is different about WFAIR in terms of traditional casinos? What are the strategies they use to generate profits for token holders?

A — Greg from Wallfair: So this is actually a super interesting question especially for token holders, as this will maybe explain why WFAIR is very different from other tokens. As mentioned earlier $WFAIR is the native currency that can be used on the platform to participate in games or create events. So it’s not purely speculative crypto. Once people start playing in our metaverse, they will use WFAIR for all the activities and of course, they need to purchase it. This will naturally create a demand for the token without this speculative utility in mind — people will use it for entertainment, not for speculation. Having said that, some users will most likely hold their winnings as over time the value of the token will go up as the Alpacaverse will grow.

So in short the more people play in the casino, the bigger the demand for the token and the higher the price — people buy to play not to sell, so if you think about the current price of the token and some of the predictions that it will reach 4–5USD in 2–3 years it gives you a nice perspective

Q — Twitter user @MmgvsTodos: I read that phase 1 of Alpacaverse is scheduled to start running on December 17. So, what will be the first events to take place in your metaverse? Do users have to participate in a pre-registration to enter your metaverse? From the beginning, will it be possible to play?

A — Greg from Wallfair: The first event will be the launch of the Alpacasino and I would recommend signing up as we are preparing a huge surprise for all the pre-registered users:) It will be possible to play the moment we launch it — we will include some inhouse games along with games from our partner SmartSoft (more partners coming still this year)

So anyone can just visit the Alpacaverse and you will have a great time very soon;)

Q — Telegram user Ana Manzano: I read that the Wallfair platform takes advantage of blockchain technology to create demonstrably fair entertainment applications, but will you really incorporate components to achieve greater “justice”? Or is it simply the justice that the blockchain offers in itself

A — Greg from Wallfair: There are two sides to it. First, it’s the blockchain itself that helps keep everything transparent and fair; second is the way we use that transparency — so for example we will allow users to go back in history and check all the bets of all the players to see for themselves how the engine was running

This will also allow users to look for other people’s strategies, discover huge wins and bets. We are also displaying all relevant information about fairness next to each game so users can really see that our goal is to provide fair, social, and exciting entertainment

Q — Telegram user 🌿Salto Angel🌿: You point out that Wallfair offers a plug & play technology that will allow any ecosystem or metaverse to integrate a betting function, but really without this technology this cannot be integrated? If so, then why are there so many blockchain casinos and gambling projects?

A — Greg from Wallfair: That’s a very good question. You actually should not look at the Alpacaverse project purely through the Alpacasino. This is just the first event we are launching. If you look around this is where most of the projects stop — they are not interested in building anything bigger. We on the other hand already created the token, WFAIR, will soon implement the NFT, battles, trade, and the whole social experience of the entertainment. Other projects as leaving players alone — we want to engage them into this magical metaverse and to be honest there’s no one except for us who knows how to do it.

I’m not mentioning the live events as this will be a huge event and most likely not an isolated one;)

Q — Telegram user Fish Secret: The market for NFTs is estimated to have grown to $100 million while opening up myriad possibilities for artists. This includes greater autonomy and a fair share of the value upside. Fans should be treated well. Can we say ‘Wallfair is not just for art’s sake, it’s an investment?

A — Greg from Wallfair: For us NFTs are a great way to engage players and make them cherish their profile which is an NFT itself, providing them with some hidden features, additional capabilities. We will allow users to trade, to fight with their profiles — so definitely smth to wait for

Q — Telegram user Patrick: As far as I know, you have formally received a gaming license to launch live and active users worldwide. So, can you explain what obtaining this license means for the development of your platform? Will you be offering games in the near future?

A — Greg from Wallfair: So the license gives us creditability from the official authority but also proves that we are treating the whole project very seriously. We had to put a lot of effort to receive the license but we want our community to see we are fair, we are safe and we are here to stay

And yes like mentioned above games are coming this week on the Alpacaverse


Q — Telegram user 💢💢 Butler 💥💥: Where can I buy your token right now and do you plan to list your token on centralized exchanges like Binance?

A — Greg from Wallfair: It’s available on BitMart now and we are working to enable other CEXs soon.

Q — Telegram user Id: Taking a look at CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, it doesn’t feel like Wallfair is getting the kind of attention that it deserves. What steps are currently been taken by Wallfair marketing team to ensure that Wallfair gains enough popularity in the cryptoverse?

A — Greg from Wallfair: So 110 million tokens are vested, and yes the current price is definitely a super bargain. But on Friday $WFAIR will become a means of payment. There will be demand for it as we will allow people to use it. You do not have many tokens that can do that. Most of them are simply created on the hype of crypto and they have a super short life. This is not what we are aiming at with WFAIR — and like I mentioned the prediction of the future price is already telling a lot


Q — Telegram user Maleficent: Hack attacks are so often happening and this scares many investors into investing in new projects. That’s why please tell us about the Security of Wallfair. How strong security does Wallfair have and did you already have an Audit to be more sure about your security?

A — Greg from Wallfair: Yeah Crypto world is being constantly under scrutiny due to security issues and we are treating this as our number 1 priority — to make sure we deliver the most secure platform. We have a dedicated team, we use external resources for testing so we do everything to make it all work exceptionally fine.


Q — Ayeley from GAINS: Did having to pivot affect your finances? How have you handled the funds raised in the $WFAIR ICO so far?

A — Greg from Wallfair: I think that the whole dive into the Alpacaverse helped us to prioritize and understand better what people expect from the speculative entertainment metaverse. Live events are still coming up but we wanted to have more time to do them right and in the right context

So when you look at our current plans thought that perspective you will see that we are still going in the same direction but the decision to shift our timeline is actually helping us to deliver the right product at the right moment

I mean is there anything beyond the Metaverse?:) If you look at what planned already and if you knew what we have planned you would see that there’s no need for any other utility for the token than being a currency in the metaverse — no matter if it’s Alpacaverse or a metaverse created by our partners.

Business Development

Q — Ayeley from GAINS: What should we expect from Wallfair in the next weeks and months?

A — Greg from Wallfair: In short — tons of fun and a lot of new functionalities for speculative entertainment — AlpacaNFT, Alacarena, live events and most importantly all available live for anyone wishing to test it. I said it before but want to emphasize it — we are doers, we enjoy real products that bring and generate value. Not to mention that it also supports our WFAIR strategy so it’s not a speculative token like thousands out there;)

Thank Greg for coming in today. I have no doubt that the Alpacaverse will be a game-changer in crypto. — Ayeley from GAINS

Thanks a mil again for having me here! If you have any more questions please join our community — Greg Micyk from Wallfair

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