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YVS Finance — Telegram QUIZ & AMA — December 15

On Tuesday, December 15, we had the pleasure to welcome to our Telegram chat:

Lucas, Founder & CEO.

We asked him questions about the development of YVS Finance.

Some sentences have been slightly edited for readability but the meaning has been conserved.


YVS is an innovative decentralized finance project that combines the best features for creating a truly unique, transparent and secure yield-farming platform.

The total supply is 2,000,000 $YVS and no more tokens will be minted ever.

YVS has partnered with JustLiquidity to ensure that half of the tokens being securely locked into their protocol are safe from dumping.

There is also a 0.75 % burn rate active on all transfers except to the staking pool to create a deflationary economy.


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: What did you do before crypto, how did you get into crypto and did you have any other venture in crypto previous to being involved with YVS Finance?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: After a few years of experience in fintech companies throughout Europe, I decided to leave the “traditional” sector and focus on developing innovative, transparent, and self-executing smart contracts focusing on decentralized finance products, because I found that traditional finance is just too far out of reach from the customers they serve. In any case, I’ve long had the wish to create something of my own and here we are today!

I completed my studies in the field of macroeconomics and have been involved with crypto since 2017. Then, I started to do blockchain programming and creating mining software and similar applications such as analytic tools for early adopters.

Together with my team, our goal is to build blockchain services that do not require governance or admin control and are completely self-sustainable from the deployment onwards.


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Can you tell us more concretely what YVS Finance offers?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: YVS is an innovative decentralized finance project that combines the best features for creating a truly unique, transparent, and secure yield-farming platform. Because the smart contracts are completely pre-programmed before launch, investors can be calm with their deposits into our project.

All tokens, from the pre-sale to the last token distributed, are coded in the contracts and can not be changed anymore. We’ve just received a spotless audit report from Hacken and there will be no admin control on the contracts themselves and no functions exposed that could lead to exploits. Everything is pre-defined.

We chose the name because it means YVS = Yield-farming, vaults, and staking. We didn’t want to complicate with the name itself and so we decided to go with something descriptive that exactly portrays the use-cases of our platform, which brings me to a brief introduction to the project 🙂

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Can other yield farming projects be altered?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: We’ve seen with most other yield-farming projects that there are always some variables that can be changed, yes. For example the mint rate or the developer rate. But the exploits have been much worse.

We’ve seen projects building in back-doors into contracts to steal funds and in general a lot of experimentation which has led to several hacks.

We’ve completely disabled all of that — less control and more decentralization.

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: How will the project live by itself?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: That’s the exciting thing. Developers are not even needed! It will be controlled by the smart contract itself! This is the meaning of true decentralization where no actor can have an impact on the direction of the project. The so-called controller contract will keep distributing rewards in the future and provide incentives to investors for as long as the blockchain itself exists. No possible changes in the allocation of the pools, or any other form of a flaw that could be exploited by external hacks. Everything is pre-defined and will stay so.

We’ve built in all functions to allow the project to exist for as long as there is trading and there is the blockchain itself.

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Do people provide liquidity and get some APY? How does the interaction with the contract work?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: Exactly, basically all yield-farming pools function by depositing into the smart contract, and then it will start to calculate rewards for the depositor.

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Do you have an estimate of those rewards? What can you deposit in the contract?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: It’s hard to give an estimation at this point, but with the attention the project has received so far, it’s normal to expect that the return rates will be quite high once started.

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: What is the token use case?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: In total there will be four pools on our platform: a staking pool with deposits in YVS, a liquidity pool (ETH-YVS pair on Uniswap), and two vault pools. There will be no liquidity pools offered against a stablecoin pair. However, you will be able to deposit stablecoins in one of our vaults which will accept USDT/USDC/DAI/USDN. There is no impermanent loss in these pools and you will only continue to earn your investment while receiving additional YVS rewards! The only limit is the minimum deposit period of one week, but we don’t believe this should be an issue as vaults are long-term investments :)

Like other yield-farming tokens, the purpose of our token is to provide liquidity on Uniswap and help build the world’s largest decentralized exchange.

Additionally, we’ve built in the staking capability which is a hot topic these days as well.

We believe the biggest use-case is the Vault platform which allows people to invest “big” assets without the risk of impermanent loss and by doing so the depositor will greatly save on gas fees and his rewards will be automatically compounded.

Q — Twitter user @Emidm28: You mentioned that you have collectively decided to stay anonymous. Why do you think it is better to be anonymous? Don’t you think that makes the community doubt YVS?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: Of course we can hear your doubts — but with a unique project such as ours — you risk much less than for most other public projects. Just because someone reveals a name or picture, it doesn’t mean that everything will go perfectly or that there are no bad intentions behind the project.

We have collectively decided to stay anonymous because we can not have and do not wish to have any further impact on the project after the initial launch as everything will be pre-programmed. This will bring the ultimate security for investors.

Q — Telegram user Aigon: You mentioned earlier that you plan to launch VIP pools for staking. How is that possible if you don’t have admin control over the code? How can you program those?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: We could offer VIP staking pools by providing them with partners that offer their staking platforms by providing project tokens that are currently locked.

Q — Telegram user ★ Egor Dubinin ★: What staking blocking periods will be available on your YVSFinance platform? Will it be possible to earn money without blocking YSV tokens?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: Staking is the process of holding native tokens in a so-called staking pool that pays out rewards for locking the tokens for a certain amount of time. We will be offering a staking pool with attractive rewards starting with a 2-week locking period. The maximum locking period will be 12 weeks and if you decide to stake for this period, you will receive an additional 10 % of rewards.

Q — Telegram user $ Matvey: How do you plan for a fair distribution of YVS tokens? What mechanisms will create demand for the YVS token in the long term?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: The total supply is 2,000,000 $YVS and no more tokens will be minted ever. This functionality is completely disabled.

800.000 $YVS will be distributed in the pools for the initial 20-month period.

500.000 $YVS will be locked with the JustLiquidity protocol.

350.000 $YVS will be locked in a safe as project tokens.

The rest will be used for exchange listings and marketing.

There is also a 0.75 % burn rate active on all transfers except to the staking pool to create a deflationary economy.

Q — Telegram user Gonzales — The Dabbing Penguin: Half of the deposited Liquidity Pool tokens will be locked forever -does this apply to regular users as well or only to team’s LP? Do you somehow compensate this to users?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: Yes, 50 % of the deposited liquidity will be locked forever. However, you will still gain rewards from the full amount of liquidity you provide and rewards will be claimable at any moment. The only limit will be that when you try to withdraw your funds, you will only be able to withdraw 50 % of the total deposited amount.

Q — Telegram user Aleksandr: How simple is it for users to offer liquidity to YVS’s liquidity pools? Why would you consider these LPs to be better than the existing solutions on the market?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: We will have one liquidity pool — ETH-YVS on Uniswap. It will not be possible to peg YVS against a stablecoin. This pool will receive 65 % of the total allocation of rewards. 50 % of the deposited liquidity will be locked forever and will ensure good liquidity and low slippage. We think this is very important for any DeFi project. You will still receive rewards on your entire amount and it can be claimed at any moment without any additional fees.

Return rates should be very high for the initial period so you should take a look after launch!

Q — Telegram user Melissa: I read that your contracts cannot be changed after deployment. In case of some unexpected situation, they could not be changed either? Are there no exceptions to this?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: We are experienced solidity developers and we believe in the quality of our code. That is why we’ve announced a collaboration with Hacken, one of the most reputable blockchain auditing firms, to conduct a full review of our project repository which we have published today. Additionally, all contracts have been pre-tested on Ropsten to make sure everything is double-checked.


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: How many people are on the team? For how long have you been working on YVS Finance?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: We’re composed of a team of three developers, two of which are solidity programmers and one website developer. We have two main advisors, which help us with marketing and promotions as well as a general project advisor. Along with that, we’re working with a designer and several community managers.

We have collectively decided to stay anonymous because we can not have and do not wish to have any further impact on the project after the initial launch as everything will be pre-programmed. This will bring the ultimate security for investors.

The development for this project started about a month ago with all preparation, tokenomics discussion, and connections with some advisors.


Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: Did you raise funds so far? If so, how did you handle them? Are you planning to do any future raises?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: We’ve done no seed rounds or private rounds, Our presale was open to anyone and it didn’t whitelisting process.

We’ve raised a minimum of 250 ETH. There are no other funding rounds planned.


Q — Twitter user @y1sus_afp: YVS has sent 500,000 $YVS to JustLiquidity which will be safely locked into their protocol. What benefits have resulted from this partnership? Why choose JustLiquidity for this process of locking tokens? How do you think they will help increase the value of the YVS token?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: JustLiquidity is a renowned name in the blockchain industry, which provides many services to both normal users and emerging projects themselves. We will be using their services to connect to BSC in the future to provide cross-chain liquidity and also locking all remaining project tokens in their protocol for ultimate security. This will be a huge benefit for us as it will show we have no bad intentions with the project funds and they will only be used for specific purposes such as exchange listings in the future, promotions, marketing campaigns etc.

Unsold tokens from the presale will be BURNED, and not locked!


Q — Twitter user @AlbayHaluk: In case the Hacken audit finds any security breach, is the YVS team still able to fix it before the official launch of the token?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: That’s why we’ve conducted the audit before the launch itself. We’ve already fixed all the issues that Hacken has reported to us and we’re 100 % secure and ready to start.

Additionally, I’d like to add that we are experienced solidity developers and we believe in the quality of our code. All the functionality has already been pre-tested on Ropsten and this audit will only solidify the quality of our code and products. Not many other projects can claim something like this. All possible security breaches have been accounted for — flash loans, back-doors, and all other types of exploits are programmatically disabled and we’ve made it completely decentralized where only the contract itself can execute functions. All open-sourced, viewable by anyone.

Business Development

Q — Alex Raffin from GAINS: What stage is the project/product at? After the audit, will it be launched right away?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: We just received our audit report several hours ago and now we have everything ready for the launch! After the presale round ends tomorrow, anyone can call the distribution method on the smart contract which will start all the wheels turning.

Uniswap liquidity will be automatically injected and the pools will be launched — all with one click.

Q — Telegram user Tsumannis: You have guaranteed rewards over 20 months for staking, vaults, and yield-farming. That sounds fantastic, to be honest. Have you thought out about your plans beyond that?

A — Lucas from YVS Finance: Yes, we even have plans for after the 20 months!

The funds collected by the 0.75 % burn rate will be distributed after that period and will make sure to incentivize users to use our platform even after the initial reward distribution. 👍🏼

Happy to have you here, Lucas. We learnt a lot today. I’m curious to see how this is going to go, yield farming evolving into something more sustainable? From the crazy days with crazy returns. Don’t forget to join the YVS Telegram guys! Winners will only be chosen from their members. Where else can we follow you? — Alex Raffin from GAINS

Thanks for having me here, Alex! Happy to have you over in our Telegram group and answer any questions you may have. And for the social links: 🌎 Website, 📃 Whitepaper, 📱Twitter, 📢 Telegram, 📢 Channel and 🗄 Repositor — Lucas from YVS Finance

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