$500K in $ARB Rewards Left: Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Trade to Earn!

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3 min readMar 18, 2024


The final week of gTrade’s biggest PnL contest is here, and it’s bound to make waves!

The $ARB incentives distribution model was adjusted on March 7 so that 40% of all rewards are now allocated to profitable traders.

PnL positive? Share in $500K worth of $ARB rewards 😎

STIP Success

Since December 2023, this program has been a game-changer for gTrade and its community. Over 3.2 million $ARB tokens have been given away, protocol records have been smashed, significant milestones have been hit, and thousands of new and returning traders were lucky enough to be a part of the action.

Trade to Earn Stats:

  • $ARB Given Out So Far: 3.234 million tokens.
  • Trading Volume: On March 15, total trade volume surpassed $65 billion — approximately $10 billion since the start of the STIP.
  • Protocol Revenue: On February 12, gTrade protocol revenue hit $40 million.
  • Number of Participants: Thousands of new traders have joined the gTrade community, including a record 4,741 throughout January.
  • GNS Staker Earnings: Revenue for GNS stakers has remained consistent at upwards of 60% of protocol revenue (15% — 20% APY).

Now, with two Epochs left, $BTC battling to stay above $70K, and bulls vs. bears in full swing, gTrade is taking things to the next level with a huge $ARB reward pool for profitable traders!

The PnL Prize Pool

The prize pool for PnL-positive traders has more than $500K in $ARB remaining (with each $ARB currently worth $1.91). The rewards make this gTrade’s biggest PnL contest to date — and if the Arbitrum bulls battle their way back, they could get even bigger!

To make sure profitable trading is appropriately rewarded, gTrade has tweaked how incentives are distributed:

  • Fees: Instead of the original 75%, 50% of the rewards will go to traders based on the fees they generate.
  • Profit and Loss (PnL): Over the past few months, 10% of the STIP rewards went to profitable gTraders. Now, things are really kicking off, with 40% of incentives directed to those who make smart trades and earn profits.
  • Loyalty: Over the duration of the Trade to Earn program, 10% of rewards have been dedicated to the committed traders who call gTrade home.

Multi-Collateral Trading

During the Trade to Earn program, gTrade released its v7 upgrade — gETH, gUSDC, and multi-collateral trading. With multi-collateral, traders who want to be a part of the $ARB incentives action but don’t want to sacrifice their $ETH bags for stablecoins won’t miss out!

By depositing $WETH as collateral, you can maintain exposure and leverage trade cryptos, forex and commodities on gTrade. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Good Luck Traders!

Whether you’re a long-standing gTrader or just starting out, these final days are a great time to be a part of the Trade to Earn action by pushing your strategies, optimizing your setups and landing yourself a bigger piece of the $500K $ARB pie!

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Happy trading 🐂🐻