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DeFi Trading is the Future

Innovation is unbound in DeFi and gTrade is taking advantage of it.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is the canvas of the future. It is where innovation can flourish, free from excessive regulation and centralized control. DeFi is where the next generation of trading is being built through human-centric design. Let’s look at why this new canvas is better than the old.

Neutrality in Automated Market Making

Automated market makers (AMMs) have removed the reliance on centralized entities to determine what assets are traded and when. AMMs are programs, via smart contracts, that remove the need for intermediaries. The process of adding and removing liquidity is automated — this makes trading trustless.

In traditional trading platforms, it is in a company’s self-interest to pick market makers which make their platform the most revenue. Many retail traders are unfamiliar with what goes on in the background of trading in traditional finance (TradFi). TradFi trading is prone to market inefficiency. There are many interests which do not align in good faith with the everyday trader. Malpractice is common despite regulation.

Where gTrade Fits Into the Future of Trading

Freedom to Innovate

At gTrade, our decentralized trading platform, we are spearheading the innovation within the DeFi trading sector. We are building a trader’s dream on blockchain technology because we see where the industry is heading and what traders desire. Traders desire easy access to a powerful trading platform that is free from regulation designed to neglect instead of protect investors. In essence, DeFi trading can provide safety from excessive external control — such as hedge funds that influence trading platforms to comply with their best interests instead of protecting retail traders. gTrade functions within this free paradigm of decentralized finance.

Access to the Best Trading Tools

gTrade has spawned from the founding blockchain ideology. We believe that freedom should be inherent to trading, and that anyone, anywhere should have access to the best trading tools. Advanced trading tools on our platform, like 150x leverage on crypto and 1000x leverage on Forex, should not require special financial circumstances to acquire and traders should not have to give up their right to privacy to engage in the market. gTrade lives up to these rights and freedoms.

gTrade has also taken the best services in the blockchain space to build a price feed based on a custom decentralized oracle network (DON) powered by Chainlink. This price feed filters out outliers and gives a median aggregate price for each listing. This creates a trading experience free from scam wicks and reduces the chance of being liquidated.

Total User Control of Funds

At gTrade, traders have full control of their funds. They can trade straight from their crypto web wallet without needing to sign-up — this is plug-and-play functionality. Traders want to trade, and not spend time filling out another account form. This means more responsibility for traders, as they have to ensure the security of their wallet. Also, there is no way to restore account access if the pertinent information for a user’s crypto wallet is lost.

However, there is no way for a legitimate decentralized trading platform to restrict the following:

  • The amount a user can withdraw
  • How much of a current position can be sold or whether they can sell
  • The number of trades made within a time frame (unless there are platform specific limits to each pair)

In essence, right from the start, and without special conditions, traders in DeFi have more freedom to trade. DeFi trading allows the existence of a world where traders are empowered instead of taken advantage of. Blockchain technology is a catalyst for the freedom to innovate and this is the crux of why DeFi trading is the future.



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