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gTrade Using Chainlink to Power Decentralized Leveraged Trading

gTrade is a decentralized leveraged trading platform that uses a custom oracle architecture enabled by Chainlink.

gTrade’s Use Case for Chainlink Oracles

How gTrade’s Oracle Architecture Works

  • There are seven APIs in total, and we only need a minimum of three to work.
  • There are eight on-demand Chainlink nodes, making it impossible for a single person to manipulate the price.
  • Our Chainlink nodes have redundant setups and do not depend on a single Polygon node for their WebSocket connection.
  • Each on-demand Chainlink node answer is compared to the corresponding Chainlink Price Feed price to filter any outlier.

“Chainlink has certainly the most experienced and helpful team in the oracle space, and their open-source tools are cutting-edge, reliable, and easy to work with. It’s hard to envision DeFi without them.” — Seb, founder of gTrade

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About Chainlink

About gTrade



Gains Network develops gTrade  —  the decentralized leveraged trading platform on Polygon. There are more products to come.

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