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gTrade FAQ

All common questions asked about gTrade.

General Questions

To close your trade click the “X” on the right side of your open trade. We recommend selecting the fastest gas setting.

The order button could be grayed out because you haven’t reached the minimum order size. Look for error messages in red above the order button for details.

Please refresh the site. You can also try changing the RPC and refreshing (see question #6). If the problem persists, notify a mod in the Gains Network Telegram chat found here.

Please view our guide on using gTrade here.

Just Polygon at the moment.

Type in Polygon on and click the drop down arrow. We recommend using: however Chainlist will show you all actively working RPCs. is another popular RPC option for the Polygon Network.

No. Our token was distributed to early adopters via liquidity farming.

Trade history takes a bit to update. Refresh the page after a few minutes or check back later and it should appear.

Retail traders can only trade FOREX from Sunday at 5:00 pm ET to Friday at 5:00 pm ET.

  • 45+ cryptos up to 150x
  • Forex up to 1000x
  • 0% funding rate
  • 0% price impact
  • High liquidity efficiency
  • Custom Chainlink decentralized oracle network (DON)
  • Synthetic architecture which results in quick listings and leveraging existing liquidity
  • No order books

Block confirmations are required to finalize a transaction. You will see these being counted down in the top right of your screen whenever submitting any type of transaction.

Please see our guide on this here.

Go to and toggle on testnet. Search polygon and add the Mumbai testnet option to your web wallet.

Click on “Practice” on the top tab of and scroll down until you see, “GET 10,000 DAI.” You will need testnet $MATIC also which can be found here.

After you get your testnet DAI you can begin trading in practice mode.

Slippage is the difference between when you want your trade order to go through vs when it actually does. You can set the allowance for this price difference.

You can open up to three trades per pair.

No, there are no margin requirements. Leverage puts you at liquidation risk but no other collateral is required other than how much you want to trade with.

1500 DAI, leverage included, is the minimum position size.

I.e. 100 DAI collateral & 15x leverage = 1500 DAI

When you win, it is taken out from our DAI trading vault. When you lose it is used to buy $GNS and burn it when the trading vault is overcollateralized (over 110% full).

A 100% full vault is a vault that has the full balance that users deposited. When trades are opened, the vault balance rises.

Asking questions in our main Telegram chat is effective:

Also, our discord has a support channel in which members are active:

Click on the area where it says TP and adjust the prices to the percentage you wish to place your SL or TP.

No you cannot. But partial adding to collateral size and partial closing of trades is coming. Currently, taking profit closes your position.



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