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gTrade Optimizations & Stock Update | March 2022

The backend now selects the most synced RPC and stocks are expected to be completed by the end of next month.

Hello gTraders! The team has been working on some backend optimizations to make things a lot smoother. This is especially important for our second trading competition sponsored by Polygon.

Seb, the Founder and main developer, along with @drub0y, a community developer, have made some significant improvements.

gTrade now selects the most synced RPC, block by block. This is the most efficiency we can have at the moment in terms of RPC optimization.

RPC Optimization Details

  1. Every trade order event should be more responsive by a few blocks. This means a few seconds on average and up to 8 seconds faster.
  2. Everything should be much more reliable in terms of reorgs and edge cases.
  3. Live confirmations have been reduced to five blocks instead of 10. This is a decision based on reorgs being more rare now but it is still being monitored.

We expect trading to consistently get better overtime and this new v6 optimization should yield a better trading experience.

Stocks Update

Stocks API integrations and development for gTrade is coming along nicely. We are aiming to finalize development by the end of next month, but we have no official launch date. We know that this is something that many traders in our community have been looking forward to. However, we expect that our stocks trading launch will also attract new traders from TradFi platforms.


With the new backend optimizations making our product much more reliable, and the launch of stocks on the horizon, gTrade is a step closer to realizing its vision to become the best platform for decentralized leverage trading. Stay tuned for the official launch date of stocks trading!



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