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gTrade x Polygon Trading Contest #2 Recap

Another great competition and success for gTrade.

Our second trading competition with Polygon has now officially ended! In the final moments of the contest, there was a fierce battle for the top 3 spots.

We now have a total of 4,433 unique traders on gTrade with 830 of them arriving in just the last 30 days since the contest started. We also hit over $10B in total trading volume during this contest!

The contest ran from March 21, 0:00 UTC to April 21, 23:59 UTC and traders competed for our prize pool consisting of 80,000 $MATIC + $37,750 in $GNS. This is how the rewards broke down for the top 10:


1: 6,400 $MATIC + $20k in $GNS (≈ $30,000)

2: 6,400 $MATIC + $10k in $GNS (≈ $20,000)

3: 6,400 $MATIC + $5k in $GNS (≈ $15,000)

4: 4,640 $MATIC + $2750 in $GNS (≈ $10,000)

5: 3,200 $MATIC (≈ $5,000)

6: 2,560 $MATIC (≈ $4,000)

7: 2,240 $MATIC (≈ $3,500)

8: 1,920 $MATIC (≈ $3,000)

9: 1,600 $MATIC (≈ $2,500)

10: 1,280 $MATIC (≈ $2,000)

gTraders were competing for 300 spots total.

Here are some notable trades from the last day:

Notable Trades

$APE has been one of the most popular trading pairs since we listed it back in March. Its volatility can pay off tremendously if it moves in a trade’s favor (as seen in the screenshots above).

Address F8F3 almost took second place on the last day of trading! They won only one trade and placed third:

This trader capitalized on the hawkish news that came from the US Fed and 54x shorted $BTC near the top of the market on 4/21. They put up $72,195.50 in collateral and won 207% which came out to $149,493.50. This single trade put this trader in third place. They were 7066 points off of second place! First and second place held strong for the majority of the contest.

Address 111D came in first and was completely uncontested with $52.9M in volume, a PnL of 6739% and a score of 4,695,544! 111D’s score is more than 10x second place.

gTrade v6 has been a huge success and helped enhance the contest experience. There have been many optimizations made that have made trading much smoother on our platform. You can learn more about some of these optimizations here.

We’re glad to see our community happy with our competitions and we plan on doing many more.

We send congratulations to 111D, 5357 and F8F3 for coming in first, second and third place respectively. Congrats to all those who placed in the competition and we hope you enjoy the rewards!

Lastly, we send thanks to Polygon for sponsoring another great gTrade event. New great things are coming to gTrade. Stay tuned!



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