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4 min readApr 4, 2024


It’s essential to recognize and reward the loyalty and activity of our valued traders. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving your trading experience, we’re excited to introduce gTrade Credits — a new fee discount loyalty program designed to help you save more on fees the more you trade.

gTrade Credits offers tiered fee discounts based on your trading volume, allowing us to provide a more cost-effective and rewarding trading experience for all of our traders. You can save up to 40% on fees!

This initiative is one of the many improvements and programs we’re fast-tracking following the successful STIP program.

gTrade Credits

gTrade Credits is a unique fee discount system that rewards you based on your trailing 30-day normalized trading volume. The more you trade, the more credits you earn. As you accumulate credits, you work your way up tiers for larger discounts.

Your gTrade Credits discount is applied to opening and closing fees. For example, with our VIP discount of 40%, opening a trade on BTC is reduced to .048% from .08%. The discount does not apply to time-based fees such as borrowing fees.

You accumulate gTrade Credits on every open and close trade based on the position size.

To ensure fairness across different asset classes, we normalize your trading volume based on the fees spent in each class. This means that your position size is converted into an asset class-agnostic unit, allowing you to earn credits consistently regardless of what you’re trading. A $1m crypto position size yields more credits than the same size against major forex after normalizing due to fee spent.

gTrade Credits reward you for your trading volume through tiers of fee discounts:

  • Earn More — The more you trade, the more credits you accrue.
  • Tier Up — Your credits place you into tiers for better discounts.

The gTrade Credits system uses a trailing 30-day window, excluding the current day. This means that the credits you earn today will be applied to your fee tier starting tomorrow, and the credits earned 30 days ago will be removed from your total.

gTrade Credits Rubric

Different asset classes contribute to your gTrade Credits balance as follows:

For example, a $1m crypto position size yields 8m credits, whereas the same size against major forex pairs yields 1m credits.

Fee Discount Tiers

Climb up the discount tiers as your gTrade Credits grow — you’ll unlock fee discount tiers that help you save on your trading costs:


Let’s say you’ve been trading actively over the past 30 days, with the following historical credits:

Credits on Day 31
Your gTrade Credits balanceon Day 31 will be the sum of cumulative credits from the past 30 days, starting from Day 2 to Day 30, which equals to 246,000,000. This accumulated credits qualify for a 10% discount in Tier 4.

Credits on Day 32
Transitioning to Day 32, credits earned from Day 1 no longer within the 30-day window and will be deducted from the total. Meanwhile credits earned on Day 31 are now included. The updated balance will be the sum of credits from Day 2 to Day 31, which equals to 250,500,000, which moves you up to a 15% discount in Tier 5.

gTrade Credits Launch

gTrade Credits is live now!

You have been earning credits all through March, so get ready to enjoy immediate discounts based on your trailing 30 days volume.

You can see your discounted fee directly in the trading panel. There’s also a dedicated portfolio page that shows your current status.

Grow with gTrade Credits

gTrade Credits is designed to grow with you. As your trading activity increases, you’ll earn more credits and unlock higher discount tiers, allowing you to save more on fees and reinvest in your trading strategies. This rewarding cycle encourages you to trade more confidently and frequently, knowing that every trade brings you closer to the next tier.

We’re thrilled to bring you gTrade Credits as part of our ongoing efforts to support and reward our valued traders. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements to come!

If you have any questions or feedback about gTrade Credits, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team. Happy trading!