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Long-term roadmap for gTrade

After the successful v6 launch two days ago on the Polygon mainnet, it is time for us to reveal the long-term vision for gTrade. Note that this roadmap is not definitive and can be subject to changes depending on how external factors evolve.

📈 Marketing & Awareness

During the execution of the roadmap and development of the platform, marketing is the highest priority above everything else.

Everytime we have an opportunity to bring exposure to the platform, we prioritize that over the development itself, as we strongly believe our product deserves it in its current state.

It is an on-going effort, so there isn’t an ETA for this one. For example it can be strategic partnerships, PR campaigns, whitelabels, working with influencers, etc.

📝 Tasks:

1. Fully optimized website (UI/UX)

  • Optimize loading times and trading page performance
    ETA: March 2022
  • Update open limit/stop orders
    ETA: Q2 2022
  • Top-tier UI/UX
    ETA: Q2 2022

Our goal is to create the best user experience possible.

2. Security

  • Bug bounty with ImmuneFi
    ETA: March 2022
  • Audits from other reputable firms
    ETA: Q3 2022

Security is a crucial part of the project, we take it seriously. All mainnet updates have been audited by CertiK (7 audits up to now) already and fully unit tested.

3. Polygon incentives

  • 2nd trading contest
    ETA: March 2022

Incentives are key to help the growth and adoption of gTrade. Details of the second trading contest will come in the following weeks.

4. Whitelabels, integrations, and partnerships

  • TokenTerminal integration
    ETA: Q2 2022
  • Quickswap whitelabel
    ETA: Q2 2022
  • More whitelabels and integrations
    ETA: never-ending

Every whitelabel/integration is a net positive for us and for the project integrating us (eg. incentive to earn trading fees). We aim to have as many as possible.

5. Open source website

  • Release website frontend
    ETA: Q2 2022
  • Detailed website frontend documentation
    ETA: Q2 2022

This way for example everybody can run the frontend locally from their laptop and access it even if every frontend is down.

It also allows creating whitelabels much more easily, everybody will be able to create their own frontend and embed their referral code in it.

6. More asset classes

  • Stocks
    ETA: Q2 2022
  • Commodities
    ETA: Q3 2022
  • Indices
    ETA: Q3 2022

gTrade is becoming the one-stop solution for leveraged trading. Due to our unique synthetic architecture, we can scale and support more trading pairs than any other platform (it is in fact already the case).

7. Protocol owned liquidity

  • Single-sided $GNS staking (10% of LP rewards)
    ETA: Q2 2022
  • 20% of LP rewards sent to $GNS staking
    ETA: Q4 2022
  • 80%+ of LP rewards sent to $GNS staking
    ETA: Q4 2023

Owning the liquidity instead of renting it is a great approach to maximize the value of the fees the protocol generates.

8. Social features

  • User pages, etc.
    ETA: Q4 2022

As we want to make gTrade the best place to trade with leverage, social features are a must. It lets traders share their ideas / discuss, thus contributing heavily to the user experience. We have already implemented a chatbox, and it was only the beginning.

9. Custom market types

  • Cross-pairs (eg. TSLA/DOGE, AAPL/BTC)
    ETA: Q3 2022
  • Custom indices (eg. 25% BTC, 25% ETH, 25% MATIC, 25% LINK)
    ETA: Q4 2022

Another unique property of our synthetic trading architecture is that we can offer new custom market types almost as easily as the pairs themselves.

For example we can divide any pair by another and generate a brand new custom cross-pair (eg. TSLA / USD divided by DOGE / USD → TLSA/DOGE), and we can list custom indices by using the weighted sum of multiple pairs prices (without the need for rebalancing).

10. gTrade v7

  • Partial adding/closing for open trades
  • Partial adding/closing for stop/limit orders
  • Partial stop losses/take profits

This will be the last technical update for gTrade, bringing cutting-edge features for the most advanced traders.

ETA: Q4 2022

11. Vault update

  • Stake vault / part of the vault (in AAVE for example)
    ETA: Q4 2022

Currently the DAI in the vault is not being utilized 90% of the time, it’s just there available for traders to withdraw. Don’t get us wrong, the capital-efficiency is already orders of magnitudes higher than any other platform, however it can get even better. If we stake the vault (or a part of it) in AAVE or a similar bluechip low-risk platform and only withdraw it when we need to pay traders, we get a free additional APR on top of the trading fees, which is very valuable and will help scaling the liquidity (and thus position sizes) even more.

Please note that we haven’t decided for sure yet if we will implement it but we do consider it as it would be the endgame from a capital-efficiency standpoint.

12. Zk rollup deployment

ETA: Q4 2022

Zk rollups are a no-brainer for our platform. It would mean instant trade execution (< 0.5 sec), and would fully inherit the security of Ethereum.

We are already in touch with Polygon regarding their zk solutions, and they will let us know as soon as we can experiment on one of their testnets.

13. Further decentralization

  • Decentralize the website frontend
    ETA: Q4 2022
  • Decentralize the website backend
    ETA: Q4 2022
  • Transition to governance
    ETA: Q1 2023

One of our core values is decentralization. The first part is making the website as censorship-resistant and decentralized as possible.

The second part is decentralizing the development of the project / decision process. Until now (and for the next year), it was crucial that we could iterate and develop the project as fast as possible in this competitive environment. However, at one point, the team will become an important potential point of failure for the project. We want gTrade and all Gains Network product to be uncensorable and to live forever on the blockchain. We want Gains Network to become an entity that can govern itself and prosper without the need for a central authority. This doesn’t mean we will stop working on it, it just means for example that the governance will need to approve every change we propose.

The transition to governance will be done in multiple steps, very carefully, as we know very well that if it is not done properly, it can become an attack-vector itself. More details on the implementation/transition will come in the following months.

14. Exploring the Metaverse

  • Trade directly from the Metaverse?
    ETA: Q1 2023

We strongly believe in the Metaverse thesis and want to explore every possibility for gTrade (and our next products) there. We aren’t sure if our vision is feasible yet in the current state of Metaverse projects, but this is definitely an area we want to research.

🚀 Milestones & Objectives:

Q3 2022:

  1. $250 million avg. daily trading volume
  2. 500 daily active users
  3. $50m TVL

Q1 2023:

  1. $1 billion avg. daily trading volume
  2. 2,000 daily active users
  3. $100m TVL

Q4 2023:

  1. $10 billion avg. daily trading volume
  2. 10,000 daily active users
  3. $500m TVL


  • We are determined to become the default leveraged trading platform traders use.
  • We aim to become the biggest leveraged trading platform by volume (decentralized and centralized combined).

Perpetuals leveraged trading on centralized exchanges (cryptocurrencies only) represents more than $50 billion of volume per day. With gTrade, there is not even a reason for them to exist anymore (no price impact, median spot prices, guaranteed stop losses, no funding fees, …). This means we will eventually acquire a significant part of this volume. Same goes for other decentralized leverage platforms.

  • Creating the best product and user experience is our only goal and what drives us.
  • We won’t ever stop developing gTrade and capturing market share even once we reach our milestones.

Want to join the adventure? Get in our telegram group! 💬



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