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🚀 Medium-term roadmap / priorities

👋 Introduction

⚙️ Technical progress (smart contracts)


  • $GNS staking for $DAI rewards (1st iteration, without locks)
  • Referral system (with whitelist)
  • Price aggregator optimizations (use chainlink price feed to track LINK/USD for oracle costs)


  • Custom chainlink oracles price lookback (guaranteed and exact execution of all limit orders)
  • NFT bot incentives optimizations
  • Easier on-chain tracking of fees generated (for stats dashboards)


  • Allow increasing/decreasing the collateral of a trade
  • Partial take profits/stop losses

Vault update

  • Allow staking other collaterals in the vault
  • Allow trading and receiving profits with other collaterals


  • Major refactor & optimization of the contracts (easier to unit test)
  • Full documentation of the code
  • Minimize RPC calls needed to track trades (better scaling)

📊 Technical progress (website)

  • Complete refactoring/cleaning of the code
  • Optimize loading speed
  • Minimize re-renders (performance while the page is open)
  • Full UI/design polishing
  • Implement UX feedback from traders
  • Prepare/organize white labels

📈 Marketing progress

  • Start working with influencers to build awareness about the protocol (eg. through the referral program) → short-term
  • Optimize the growth of our social medias → short-term
  • Build strategic partnerships with other projects → medium-term
  • Make the trading experience even more engaging through gamification → medium-term
  • Get our first white label partnerships/integrations → long-term

🔥 Team progress

  • Build & scale an operational marketing team (currently 4 people)
  • Scale the development team to go through the technical roadmap as fast as possible by parallelizing tasks (currently 4 people)

🚀 Conclusion

Thank you for reading!



Gains Network develops gTrade  —  the decentralized leveraged trading platform on Polygon. There are more products to come.

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