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🚀 Medium-term roadmap / priorities

👋 Introduction

Now that the v6.1 update is up on the mainnet after a smooth transition, it is the perfect time to share the roadmap until the end of the year.

Please note that we often reevaluate our priorities to be sure we follow the fastest path to reach our potential, therefore the roadmap can be subject to changes as the situation evolves.

The following roadmap also doesn’t mention multi-chain because our strategy regarding that is not fully clear yet. For example, we might deploy on Arbitrum within the next few months, or instead deploy on Polygon Hermez first. We will keep you updated as we get the necessary information to make the decision.

⚙️ Technical progress (smart contracts)


  • $GNS staking for $DAI rewards (1st iteration, without locks)
  • Referral system (with whitelist)
  • Price aggregator optimizations (use chainlink price feed to track LINK/USD for oracle costs)

We are really excited to deliver on $GNS staking, we know the community is very impatient!

Also, the referral system will be key for our marketing strategy focused on influencers.

Finally, the price aggregator optimizations will be crucial to calculate oracle fees based on the real-time price of LINK/USD.

ETA: End of July / Early August 2022


  • Custom chainlink oracles price lookback (guaranteed and exact execution of all limit orders)
  • NFT bot incentives optimizations
  • Easier on-chain tracking of fees generated (for stats dashboards)

The price lookback is going to make our custom chainlink oracle network even more cutting-edge, and it is a really big deal for limit orders execution.

It means that even if a limit order was triggered late by NFT bots due to chain congestion, for example, our oracles would be able to look at the past prices to check if the order could be triggered or not, thus guaranteeing the perfect execution of all limit orders in any circumstances.

NFT bot incentives will also have minor optimizations/tweaks.

Finally, it is crucial for the revenue generated by the protocol to be easily trackable, and this update aims at making it very easy for anyone to build and maintain a stat dashboard on top of the protocol, even with the continuous smart contract updates happening.

ETA: Early September 2022


  • Allow increasing/decreasing the collateral of a trade
  • Partial take profits/stop losses

Partial adding/removing of collateral is an important feature for advanced traders, as it will allow for more flexibility in the management of open trades.

For example, it would allow closing only a fraction of your position if you want to limit your losses on a bad trade, or on the contrary, secure some profits on a profitable trade.

It will also be possible to add to the collateral of your trade to reduce your leverage (pushing the liquidation price further away).

ETA: Early October 2022

Vault update

  • Allow staking other collaterals in the vault
  • Allow trading and receiving profits with other collaterals

This update is absolutely major to build huge liquidity in the vault, as we will be able to offer yields with our trading fees on collaterals such as USDC, WETH, and WBTC, which 10xes the potential amount of capital that can be staked in the vault.

It will also allow traders to open trades using these new collateral types, and receive their profits in this same collateral, significantly helping the adoption of gTrade.

ETA: Early November 2022


  • Major refactor & optimization of the contracts (easier to unit test)
  • Full documentation of the code
  • Minimize RPC calls needed to track trades (better scaling)

This last update is very technical, it will be about cleaning & refactoring the smart contracts as they have evolved a lot and a significant amount of code is not used anymore (eg. in the trading storage contract).

Finally, these optimizations will also drastically reduce the number of RPC calls needed for the website and NFT bots (or any other service) to track & load the trades.

ETA: Late December 2022

📊 Technical progress (website)

  • Complete refactoring/cleaning of the code
  • Optimize loading speed
  • Minimize re-renders (performance while the page is open)
  • Full UI/design polishing
  • Implement UX feedback from traders
  • Prepare/organize white labels

We have been making excellent progress on the refactoring of the code and performance optimizations, thanks to our growing frontend dev team.

It has been very necessary due to the increased complexity of the code with every smart contract update.

gTrade’s UI is also being fully revamped/polished by a full-time designer, as we believe it is far from its potential (even if 10x better than when we started already!).

Finally, all of the above is crucial to preparing our first white labels, which is part of our long-term growth strategy. Until now we’ve had to focus on urgent/short-term improvements that have been bringing a lot of value, however, soon white labels will become a high priority.

ETA: We’re making very fast progress and should be done with all of the above tasks within the next few months.

📈 Marketing progress

  • Start working with influencers to build awareness about the protocol (eg. through the referral program) → short-term
  • Optimize the growth of our social medias → short-term
  • Build strategic partnerships with other projects → medium-term
  • Make the trading experience even more engaging through gamification → medium-term
  • Get our first white label partnerships/integrations → long-term

ETA: None (continuous work).

Marketing is always our biggest priority, and our strategy will be mainly centered around influencers in the short term.

🔥 Team progress

  • Build & scale an operational marketing team (currently 4 people)
  • Scale the development team to go through the technical roadmap as fast as possible by parallelizing tasks (currently 4 people)

ETA: None (continuous work).

🚀 Conclusion

It feels amazing to be done with the strict risk management mode we’ve been in for the past month and to reopen the pairs and leverages, thanks to v6.1.

The next updates will be major catalysts for adoption, and we’re working harder than ever to ship them. We’re taking this bear market as an opportunity to lay out the foundations of our long-term growth.

Scaling the team/splitting tasks is also a challenging but very rewarding process, and great progress is being made on that front.

Thank you for being part of our journey to build the protocol of our dream. We truly appreciate you, the $GNS community.

Thank you for reading!



Gains Network develops gTrade  —  the decentralized leveraged trading platform on Polygon. There are more products to come.

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