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Stock Teaser and Launch Plan | gTrade

gTrade is entering a new frontier with the main stock launch on the horizon. Our teaser launch is just the beginning!

gTrade Competitive Advantages

Each order executed on gTrade benefits from a top-notch UX:

  • 0% funding fees (compared to often 25%+ per year cost to keep a trade open on other platforms)
  • 0% borrowing fees (compared to often 25%+ per year on other platforms)
  • 0% price impact on all orders (regardless of the position size)
  • Freedom of choosing a high leverage (up to 150x on most big caps)
  • No registration or deposit (trade with DAI directly from your wallet and receive DAI back), etc.
  • Wide variety of assets to choose from
  • Trustless and decentralized on-chain execution using custom Chainlink oracles

Road Ahead

With the teaser set of stocks out now, May 9 is the day we plan to launch the first big batch of stocks. These are exciting times at gTrade! We are able to list most major US stocks, so be prepared for more stock listings in the near future.



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