Tensor ($TNSR) is listed on gTrade

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2 min readApr 11, 2024


gTrade is excited to announce that we have listed $TNSR!

About Tenor ($TNSR)

Tensor is the leading NFT marketplace on the Solana Network, allowing users to buy, sell and trade NFTs. It offers advanced trading features such as AMM pools for NFTs, real-time data, and full historical price charts. With its user-friendly interface, the platform caters to both professional traders and retail users alike.

About gTrade

gTrade is the leading decentralized perpetual leverage trading platform, offering an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies, forex, and commodities — fully on-chain. Our core features include:

  • Over 160 pairs, spread over 3 asset classes.
  • Unmatched leverage, with up to 150x on crypto, 1000x on forex, and 250x on commodities.
  • Cutting-edge trading tools such as guaranteed executions, One-click trading, and an average trade execution time of just 0.5 seconds.
  • Trading directly from your wallet ensures your assets always remain in your control — no sign-up or deposit needed.
  • No scamwicks. Our custom decentralized oracle network aggregates the price from several sources and filters out any outliers by providing the median spot price.
  • A completely synthetic architecture, which enables us to quickly list new pairs without the need for pair-specific liquidity.

Experience the future of leverage trading with gTrade; trade $TNSR today!