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Gains Network

The Crypto Oracles | Gains Network — An Overlooked DeFi Platform for Traders with Deflationary GNS Token

Up to 150x leverage trading and a deflationary token with inevitable price appreciation.

Gains Network

The Gains Network

Gains Perks

Real-time, Aggregated Prices

More Info Here

Capped Token Supply & Deflationary Mechanics

Gains Network Stats

NFTs With Real Use Cases

Polygon Network Advantage

High Likelihood of Centralized Exchange (CEX) Listing

Roadmap | Ecosystem Expansion: Decentralized Casino

  1. 100x bigger market than trading
  2. Assures a long-term deflationary pressure on the GNS supply
  3. GNS tokens will be used to interact, as with the current trading platform
  4. NFTs will unlock better probabilities of winning



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