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Tutorial: How to Setup MetaMask and Bridge to Polygon

Looking to use DeFi on Polygon? This guide has you covered.

First you will need a wallet (Metamask) connected to the Polygon (Matic) PoS chain, MATIC tokens for transaction fees and DAI tokens (USD stablecoin) to open trades on gTrade.

1. Setting up your wallet

Please download and install Metamask.

If you already have a seed phrase you can enter it into metamask to create a hot wallet. However, we recommend using a hardware wallet.

This video will show you how to migrate your existing software/hot wallet to a hardware wallet and connect it to MetaMask:

2. Adding the Polygon Network to Metamask

There are two simple ways to add RPCs to your MetaMask:

  1. Find any network you wish to connect to on Chainlist. Just search the network on the top and click connect wallet on the box that shows up.

You can also click the down arrow to view other RPC URLs.

RPC URL list.

2. Follow this tutorial for how to change your RPC manually.

Bridging Funds to Polygon

From Your Bank Account / Credit Card

You will need to use a centralized exchange that supports polygon withdrawals to deposit your fiat, and then convert your fiat to MATIC on Polygon or convert to any Polygon Network asset like mUSDC.

After that you can withdraw (send) your MATIC, or your Polygon Network cryptos, from the exchange/service to your Metamask wallet on Polygon.

Exchanges & Services: Eg. Binance, OKEX, Ascendex, Moonpay, Itez, OnJuno (US Only)

Some exchanges and/or services may support Polygon Network tokens other than $MATIC on Polygon. OnJuno (linked right above) is a service which supports USDC on polygon for US customers.

OnJuno Tweet about on/off-ramp to polygon.
Tip: To copy your wallet address to your clipboard, click on the highlighted part. You will need it to withdraw your funds from the centralized exchange to Polygon.

From Ethereum

If you already have funds on the Ethereum Mainnet, you can send them to the Polygon PoS chain using the official bridge:

However, there are some other services which provide bridging services for lower fees and are faster than the official bridge. The Umbria Narni Bridge is one of them.

Here’s a video guide on using the Umbria Narni Bridge:

And here is a guide on how to use the official Polygon Bridge:

First step is to connect your wallet by signing a message.
Then, click on the Polygon Bridge.
Choose the asset and quantity you want to send from Ethereum to Polygon.
Before bridging funds from Ethereum to Polygon, you will need to switch your selected network in Metamask to Ethereum Mainnet if you had the Polygon network selected.
It will take about 10 minutes to arrive on Polygon after you confirm the transaction on Ethereum.

From the Binance Smart Chain

If you already have funds on BSC, you can send them to Polygon using one of the existing bridges, generally it works like this:

First, visit the Connext Protocol Bridge and click “Connect Wallet.”

Next, select the chain you are transferring from, in this case BSC, to the chain you wish to receive your funds on. And choose what crypto you wish to transfer using the appropriate input boxes.

The bridge will ask you to switch to the network you are transferring from to begin.

There will be a button that says “Approve” on the bottom once you have inputed everything correctly and are on the right network. Click it to allow the bridge to transfer the amount you inputed.

After the approval, the button will change to say “Swap,” click on it. Next, click “Confirm” and wait for the bridge to process.

The bridge will require you to “Sign to Claim Funds” once it has reached the other chain. Follow the prompts after clicking to sign to receive your funds. That’s it!

Here’s a video tutorial on all the steps described above:

Other Bridges:

Once you have bridged funds to your Polygon wallet, you will need some MATIC for transaction fees, and some DAI to open trades.

If you don’t have any MATIC, you can swap any token to MATIC using — the official gasless swap for Polygon.
And if you don’t have DAI yet, you can swap any token to DAI using

We hope this guide helped you get setup for DeFi on Polygon along with getting funds for gTrade! Our next guide will tell you everything you need to know for trading on our platform.

Visit gTrade here to start trading using your bridged funds now on Polygon.



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