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What the Future of NFTs Looks Like | gTrade

NFTs will be deeply integrated into DeFi products, granting unique permissions and special advantages to holders.

NFTs are here to stick around but what will their future utility look like? NFTs are thought of to just be profile pictures and digital art. However, this is just the surface level use case for NFTs. The majority of what we currently see being done with NFTs is the easiest actionable use case.

Gains Network however has taken a unique approach that can give valuable insight into what we can expect from the next generation of NFTs and how future innovative DeFi platforms may look like. Let’s explore that!

Gains Network NFTs — Five Tiers

Gains Network NFTs have real use cases that are deeply integrated into our trading platform. There are five different tiers of NFTs that are keys to our ecosystem, and there are 1500 NFTs in total. These five tiers are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. There are exclusive benefits to holding one or multiple. These benefits are:

  • Reduced spread when trading. Spread is reduced by 15% with Bronze and up to 35% with Diamond. You just need to hold the NFT on your trading wallet for the reduction to take place.
  • Run a bot to get rewards from executing liquidations and limit orders. Instructions to set-up and run the bot are here.
  • Boost your LP rewards by staking up to three NFTs on the v6 pool. The boosts are 2% with Bronze and up to 13% with Diamond.

The NFTs were claimed by liquidity providers who supplied at least 1% of the total liquidity — NFT credits were distributed.

A potential new effort for our NFTs could be integration into our future Metaverse space. This is still being researched but the holders of our NFTs could have additional perks in our virtual spaces.


Our NFTs are a perfect example of how protocols can provide unique benefits to those who are willing to invest in the long term potential of a project. We have yet to see the full potential of NFTs in DeFi but we imagine more protocols will create NFTs that grant special access to features.

Some features of DeFi NFTs in general could be early access to new LPs, higher leverage for yield farming or trading, better borrowing or lending rates, increased liquidation threshold, boosted yields, access to project events and rights to giveaways or lotteries. The possibilities for NFT integration in DeFi are endless. At Gains Network, we want to create a harmonious product ecosystem with our NFTs integrated at the core.

Where can you buy/sell our NFTs?

First, it should be noted that the NFT listings will have their metadata integrated in the following months. This will make for a better buying experience. The art may also be updated overtime to better reflect the evolution of our products and branding.

Check out our NFTs on OpenSea through the following links:








Gains Network develops gTrade  —  the decentralized leveraged trading platform on Polygon. There are more products to come.

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