Frothingly Yours

It’s so rare these days to get domain name traffickers tapping, it is after all basically 2016 and the domain name gold rush was really a thing of the 1990s. But, alas, a gem has blessed my inbox once again.


My name is Nanette.

Researching, I have found out that you hold a similar domain name.

I am wondering if you could let me know whether you will look into my shteacher dot com ?

Hope to hear from you soon.


I once believed that all SPAM had to be replied to, and for a while attempted to do just that — BCC’ed to a select group of willing friends of course. This email is no different. And … it’s a slow day here at Fraggle Rock.

Dear Nanette,

If you could have your marketing department share the results of their analytics or inform me how I could develop a “quirky” domain name like into a hundred-dollar a decade powerhouse like, then, hell yes I would be interested in buying your bot-purchased domain name! How many thousands of dollars you want? Or can I give you pint of my blood? Or a 7–11 bag of kimchi imported from China? Can I also get Viagra or a hot/loyal wife through our transaction? Please let me know as soon as possible. I will be at the bar above the bakery drinking every night while I anxiously await your email.

Frothingly Yours,

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