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Here’s a Shoutout to The (Clinically) Tired and Lazy

*AND Python to infinitely search prime numbers*

A Legacy Worthy of My Schizo Powers and All My Material Worldly Wealth:

I made this publication, Galaxy Brainz, as I have some exposure to the internet and having a voice — on sites like where I won 1st prize for the Trading category of their 2020 Noonies and 2nd prize for Mental Health and 2nd prize for Automation.

I also have some exposure to internet marketing, social media clicky clacky hacky trickery and magick.

Why Brainz? Why not Brains?

I am by far means a newb, but my placement in society (entirely brought about by my aforementioned brand, rather than actual ‘hard work’) has worked out that I have some extra $ cashmoneydollhairs to throw at my message. Delivering, crafting, honing that message.

And no, Mark Kelly , haven’t forgotten about our trading debacles — you’re first on the list once Coindex starts paying ;) broooo I just clicked on the link to your profile to ensure I had the right markmkelly — how’s you get 1200 followers mate?

I want to give a voice to my friends.

To my frienimies.

To those people so afflicted by the voices and battles in their own Brainz that they think nobody will listen — nobody will care — nobody wants to hear them.

I want to prove them wrong.

I want to help them grow and become more than the sh#t hand of cards God or the Powers That Be or whomever — genetics and upbringing? — delivered them to start the game with.

The game is built to be sustainable, unbreakable, by someone like me a long long time ago to prevent people like me — and us — from winning it or changing it.

I accept the challenge of disrupting it.

To anyone who feels the way my Redbearded friend does: There is a point. The content you make really should make the light of day. It should be seen. It should be conceived by like, lesser, or more evil minds than yours.

I often quote Marxism ‘Workers of the world, unite! You have but your shackles to lose!’

With mental health stigma and symptoms like lack of motivation or detachment from one’s own emotions it’s the exact same way — we can derive a new level of satisfaction from banding together and fighting off the normie pressure.


Have some Python that figures out Prime numbers.. indefinitely.

This is a legacy worth exploring — empowering the everyman who otherwise has no power.

Want to Write? Want to Be Heard?

ok degens, crips, psychos, just entertain me:

mentally do pros and cons of playing along?
seriously. a cost-effort analysis!
What you might get: dopamine…
…what you might lose: 2 minutes of your time

Worth your time? Worth email updates?

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