Meet Galion at DevCon4 in Prague

Edouard Viguier
Aug 17, 2018 · 1 min read

We are pleased to announce that we will attend at the fourth edition of devcon in Prague in October. This annual conference of Ethereum developers, designers and ecosystem-builders is a great opportunity to meet us in person and to see different visions and ideas on the future of this technology. The timing for this event is perfect for us as we started to work within the ecosystem and that our vision is to expand these synergies.

Galion, the ultimate financial platform, works thanks to Ethereum and we are committed to engage with its community and contribute in our own way to its success.

Our visit to Prague will be focused on two mains objectives :

  • follow the evolution and the innovations around Ethereum and its adoption
  • meet projects that can be integrated or used by

If you already have your pass for Devcon4 or will have it soon, feel free to connect!

We will be happy to meet promising projects on Ethereum and share our vision with the community.

Galion Team.

Galion, The ultimate financial platform

Edouard Viguier

Written by

CEO and Co-Founder of

Galion, The ultimate financial platform

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