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3 min readMar 1, 2022


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One of the things we take the most pride in at Gallardo Labs is the talent and diversity of our team. As a truly digital agency, we exist in the digital space, which allows us to work with the best talent across the globe — literally.

From Miami to Los Angeles, Chicago to Bogota, and even Jordan, there’s a team member there, ready to create something you’ve never seen before. As they’re often shedding the proverbial spotlight on whichever product or brand they’re lending their talents to, we thought it was only appropriate to return the favor.

Today’s spotlight falls on Deanna Woodall, a Product Manager who lives in Portland, Oregon.

Meet Deanna

Deanna with her dog on a cliff overlooking a lake and mountains.

Name & Occupation: Deanna Woodall, Product Manager

Geographic Location: Portland, Oregon

Why did you choose to join a digital agency? Throughout my career, I have always lived in the digital space, so it just made sense to join a digitally focused company. I am the type of person who likes to dig into things and see how they work, which is how the process flows here. So Gallardo Labs was the perfect fit for me!

What makes Gallardo Labs different? To me, Gallardo Labs is different because we celebrate diversity. My co-workers vary in their backgrounds, locations, languages, and skillsets but the difference is celebrated, not stifled. You need others’ points of view to grow (professionally and personally) and we have that from all over the world.

I think problem-solving from another’s perspective helps us spot issues that may have been missed by a team that didn’t have such a wide range of employees. To me that’s what it’s about, using our different perspectives to change how others see or use technology to promote diversity.

Accomplishment you’re most proud of and why? Assisting our team with xyz and diving right into the deep end of our clients’ products. I am very proud of the fact that I immerse myself in the details of each vertical to understand tasks from the ground level up.

I am very proud of the fact that I immerse myself in the details of each vertical to understand tasks from the ground level up.

More about Deanna

Deanna is an award-winning methodical thinker with 6+ years of experience in product management, web development, project management, and marketing. Her experience has spanned a variety of industries including commercial real estate investing, cannabis, cruise lines, specialty coffee, automotive, and government sectors. She is known for thinking outside of the box to find solutions and understanding hidden aspects of project objectives. Her degree in graphic design has been attributed to her success in leading digital products and projects to exceed expectations.



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The Gallardo Labs Living Room

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