Meet the Team: Sonia Acosta

One of the things we take the most pride in at Gallardo Labs is the talent and diversity of our team. As a truly digital agency, we exist in the digital space, which allows us to work with the best talent across the globe — literally.

From Miami to Los Angeles, Chicago to Bogota, and even Jordan, there’s a team member there, ready to create something you’ve never seen before. As they’re often shedding the proverbial spotlight on whichever product or brand they’re lending their talents to, we thought it was only appropriate to return the favor.

Today’s spotlight falls on Sonia Acosta, a Director of Visual Design living in Los Angeles.

Meet Sonia Acosta

Sonia Acosta

Name & Occupation: Sonia Acosta | Director of Visual Design

Geographic Location: Los Angeles, California

Digital Space: @soniaacosta_ad

Why do you choose to work for a digital agency? Originally, I didn’t choose it — it kind of chose me. I started in digital at Sapient as an intern and then got hired. I really needed the job and I loved the agency vibe so I took a job as a freelancer working mostly in production, even though my portfolio did not have one digital piece at the time. Now, after almost 10 years, digital has become my passion and my area of expertise; I’m glad it turned out that way because it’s where the future of advertising lies.

What makes Gallardo Labs different? To me, what makes Gallardo Labs different is the fact that I don’t have to worry or apologize for being a working mom. Nicole has built an environment where it is OK to have a personal life because we all have one. I love that we are all parents (mostly moms) that are great at what we do and that can support each other in the personal and work front.

“To me, what makes Gallardo Labs different is the fact that I don’t have to worry or apologize for being a working mom.”

- Sonia Acosta, Director of Visual Design

Favorite type of project to work on? I love a project where we get to make a difference in the brand style and brand story where the client can see how design can impact their business.

More About Sonia

Sonia is a Venezuelan-American conceptual thinker, user experience addict, and minimalist design lover. She has more than 10 years of experience in the advertising world, directing creative for global brands such as Fiat, Holland America, Nokia, 21st Century Fox, and CitiBank. Sonia graduated cum laude in Mass Communication, Creative Advertising from the University of South Florida, attended Miami Ad School for Art Direction and has won several awards including an ADDY, W3, and OMMA.

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Originally published at on May 10, 2019.



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