Our 5 Favorite Things This Season

by Lore Zeledon-Palli, Head of Strategy & Content

Passion led us here stamped on sidewalk

The bad news — we are still in 2020. The good news, it’s almost over!

To say that 2020 has been tough, would be the understatement of the decade? Century? At this point, who knows. But labeling it all bad would be a disservice to a lot of the good we witnessed. This year brought tears, stress, worry, and fear, but it also brought more compassion, kindness, love, appreciation for the details, and understanding of one another and ourselves. We discovered what we were made of, how truly connected we all are, and that together we can do pretty much anything. We also uncovered a whole new set of skills and interests that we had never experimented with before and are now calling some of our favorite things.

At GL we have a pretty dynamic team with interests that run the gamut. So after getting together to talk through what’s been keeping us busy (and sane!), we decided to share it with you.

Hope our favorite things inspire you to find a new book, show, activity, or passion you never knew you had!

🧘🏽‍♀️ Lore, strategist, bookworm + lover of words based in Miami

⚽ Greg, project guru + plant whisperer based in Wine Country

🧑🏼‍🍳 Reid, copywriter, creative director + dad extraordinaire based in Los Angeles

  • How to Be An Artist by Jerry Saltz (book)
  • Kerning Cultures (podcast)
  • Grand Designs UK (TV Show)
  • Making slow-cooked chicken (I do this once a week and have been obsessively tweaking the recipe every time. This week I added oranges and New Mexico chiles to the base and it produced quite the citrus/savory flavor for some tasty chicken burritos)
  • Soccer (I watch all of it! From Germany to England to Liga MX. I love the game and it gives me 90 minutes of peace between wildfires, earthquakes, parenting, and that pesky pandemic)

👩🏽‍🎨 Sam, UX designer + strategist + lover of all humans based in Los Angeles

  • All things business design: Starting Creative Strategy and the Business of Design by Douglas Davis
  • Design for Cognitive Bias by Dave Thomas
  • Home improvement project 46 out of 1,354! Add more plants indoors and out. But also, learn not to kill them
  • Finally getting to Pen15 Season 2! The show brings up a lot of relatable, cringe-worthy memories that I have long since repressed!
  • Rewatching the Legend of Korra with the boyfriend (his first time, my second time)

📚 Nicole, circus master + head of all things based in Fort Lauderdale

  • Basketball at the park with the kiddos before school and work starts has become a daily routine (gotta love FL winters!)
  • Reading with coffee in the morning (my moment of zen before the craziness begins) I just finished by Tara Westover (soooo good) and about to start The Beekeeper of Aleppo by Christy Lefteri
  • Planning my little sister’s baby shower with my family over zoom. She’s pregnant with twins!
  • Netflix is my go-to in the evenings to unwind. Just finished watching Queen’s Gambit and She’s Gotta Have It (both HIGHLY recommended)
  • Experimenting with family vegetarian recipes. I know it’s a winner if the kids don’t notice that there isn’t meat inside 😉

🎵 Nura, designer, queen of pop culture + mama of 1 based in Amman

  • Currently Reading: by Martin Lings
  • I’ve been cooking every other day, and now consider myself an expert in Asian recipes, no big deal. Itadakimasu ya’ll!
  • I took it upon myself to build the best SKA playlist on Spotify, so I’ve been committing to that all week and will continue till the end of the year. I named it SKANGA, it’s a play on ska and ganja, and the fact that I explained that probably means it’s not a great name
  • I work out a lot, so when I came back to Jordan I signed up at a pretty amazing gym that has very specific classes that incorporate pilates with everything you can think of
  • Currently watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and am totally obsessed

🌱 Karo, product designer + mother earth warrior based in Miami

  • While I drive I listen to the “UI Breakfast” podcast, bringing to my mind all new trends, ideas, other people entrepreneur’s careers and paths, and also new vocabulary to my UI UX career
  • I usually try to draw during the nights, keeping my mind busy. Other nights I just look for inspiration on Pinterest or any cool pic that inspires me to draw
  • We bought a house yeii!!!. Some nights I spend nights looking for deco inspiration for the new place: furniture or space decor ideas
  • I’ve been cooking a lot, especially those healthy salmon cakes from scratch. Add some sweet plantain and oatmeal to the mix. ( Air fryer rocks!! Makes my life so much easier)
  • Netflix, Netflix, and maybe some Hulu!! Obsessed with serial killer shows and some documentaries. Currently watching the VOW, Ratched, and The Social Dilemma

🧑🏻‍🎨 Dani, illustrator + famous wall muralist based in Miami

  • Doing a motion design course, trying to learn some animation, frame by frame, and also in after effects
  • Working on my illustrations, I want to start doing some screen printing, maybe make shirts and jean jackets
  • Currently, watching Haikyu!!, Vinland Saga, Raised by Wolves. The Boys was great!
  • Exercise in the morning and at night
  • Trying to read a brief story about time in my free time 🙃

🍣 Beto, knower of all things space, head of tech + finance + dad of 3 based in Fort Lauderdale

  • YouTube (currently in no particular order: Adam Savage’s Tested, Scott Manley, Travel Thirsty, Veritasium, Life Uncontained, Dr. Becky, Economics Explained)
  • Watching Naruto Shippuden with my kids
  • Running in the morning
  • Cooking new recipes. Currently “Making” (more practicing how to make because I am not quite yet there) Sushi and Japanese rice balls.

🌛Sonia — minimalist, mom of 2 + director of visual design based in Los Angeles

  • Rediscovering Spotify and listing to all kinds of music that reminds me of ME
  • Netflix lover lately: The Crown, New Girl, West Wing
  • Watching lots of documentaries about politics with my husband
  • Coming up with crazy ideas to entertain my kids like toilet paper snow, ABC picture scavenger hunt, car wash, and McDonald’s day. My daughter comes up with these and she’s very creative so I just go with it.
  • Decorating my new home

Originally published by Lore Zeledón at https://blog.gallardolabs.com on December 4, 2020.



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