Galleon — The World’s First Grin Exchange

Jan 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Register NOW at! Galleon will donate up to 50% Grin trading fee to Grin project. Join our telegram group to get latest updates.

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Founded by a group of blockchain community pioneers and Potterheads, Galleon’s mission is to be the most accessible place to buy and sell Grin.

We’re excited about Grin because it’s a truly novel private cryptocurrency, with no ICO nonsense, pre-mines, or founder’s rewards. The code is insanely high quality, and it was written by an anonymous team, following the honorable tradition laid down by Satoshi. Since the Grin core team didn’t make any money-grabs or take advantage of their early position in any way, they have been relying on community donations for funding — as the first Grin exchange, we are proud to announce that we will support the Grin General Fund as Friend’s of Grin, with up to 50% of our trading fees for the first 3 months after launch. We will also continue to sustainably support Grin development throughout our lifetime as an exchange.

Galleon was founded by a bunch of cryptocurrency nerds who have Bitcoins since 2010, and we share many of your frustrations with exchanges: opaque policies, poor communication, and shady things like listing fees. We can’t promise we’ll be perfect, but we will do our best and will always be available for feedback and discussion. Please register at , in the meantime feel free to join our Telegram channel at or contact us at

Grin is a uniquely difficult asset for exchanges to support, because of the interactivity required by the Mimblewimble protocol that it’s built on. We are working hard to create an easy and safe flow for users to deposit and withdraw Grin, and will be focusing on making that even easier as time goes on. For this reason we will be focusing exclusively on Grin as an asset for the near future. We look forward to helping as many people as possible get access to a private, secure form of freedom-enhancing digital money. Welcome to Galleon!

Appendix — details of trading fee donation:

  • Time window: Jan/15/2019 00:00- Apr/15/2019 23:59(UTC), 3 month within Grin launch date.
  • Up to 50% of total Grin trading fees (on trading pairs Grin/BTC, Grin/ETH & Grin/USDT) will be donated to Grin General Fund.
  • The exact percentage will be decided by the number of Monthly Active Grin traders (with completed Grin trading orders) on Galleon, details can be found in the table below.
  • Total Grin trading fee means the actual trading fee collected from transactions, deducting any promotional trading fee discounts.
  • Donation will be calculated monthly, and sent to the Grin General Fund within the first week of every month during the event period.
  • Donation details (including transaction ID) will be publicly posted on Galleon’s official channels.
  • Galleon reserves the rights to explain any of the terms and conditions.
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Galleon Exchange


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