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A 2016 Alphabet

The year in review, from A to Ziggy

A is an Alphabet herewith submitted.

B is for Brexit. I’m still stunned! England quitted!

C is for Clinton, and Ceilings unshattered

D: Donald’s Dissemblings. None of which mattered.

E is for Email and servers. Tormented!

F is Fake News. Like the truth. Just invented.

G is Gene Wilder. May he rest someplace shady.

H, Florence Henderson. Adieu, Mrs. Brady.

I admit that this year had me sobbing a lot.

But J! Juno spacecraft! In the giant red spot!

Kim Kardashian, mugged. Man, is anyone safe?

L, Lincoln Chafee. Dude, Feel the Chafe!

M is Frau Merkel. Du bist Dynamit!

N, Dylan’s Nobel. Genius, sure. Is it lit?

O is Obama. Even now, I’m enraptured.

P is for Pokemon Go. We’ve been captured.

Q is a Question: Does “alt-right” just mean “racist?”

R are the Rolling Stones. Who needs a bassist?

S is for Snape. Alan R., I feel bad.

T are those Tweets. No press conferences? “Sad!”

Underground Railroad: a book writ in pen.

V is an author, one Viet Than Nguyen

W’s Woke: Social justice defenders!

X is for X-men, both film and transgenders.

Y is for You. You know who you are.

Z is for Ziggy, who played the guitar.

Accursed ’16! With its mind-numbing ache!

Mostly it sucked! Finally nailed with a stake!

Now we walk to the future, both hopeful and blue.

So love to you, readers. Great joy in the new.



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