A 2016 Alphabet

The year in review, from A to Ziggy

Jenny Boylan


A is an Alphabet herewith submitted.

B is for Brexit. I’m still stunned! England quitted!

C is for Clinton, and Ceilings unshattered

D: Donald’s Dissemblings. None of which mattered.

E is for Email and servers. Tormented!

F is Fake News. Like the truth. Just invented.

G is Gene Wilder. May he rest someplace shady.

H, Florence Henderson. Adieu, Mrs. Brady.

I admit that this year had me sobbing a lot.

But J! Juno spacecraft! In the giant red spot!

Kim Kardashian, mugged. Man, is anyone safe?

L, Lincoln Chafee. Dude, Feel the Chafe!

M is Frau Merkel. Du bist Dynamit!

N, Dylan’s Nobel. Genius, sure. Is it lit?

O is Obama. Even now, I’m enraptured.

P is for Pokemon Go. We’ve been captured.

Q is a Question: Does “alt-right” just mean “racist?”

R are the Rolling Stones. Who needs a bassist?

S is for Snape. Alan R., I feel bad.

T are those Tweets. No press conferences? “Sad!”

Underground Railroad: a book writ in pen.

V is an author, one Viet Than Nguyen

W’s Woke: Social justice defenders!

X is for X-men, both film and transgenders.

Y is for You. You know who you are.

Z is for Ziggy, who played the guitar.

Accursed ’16! With its mind-numbing ache!

Mostly it sucked! Finally nailed with a stake!

Now we walk to the future, both hopeful and blue.

So love to you, readers. Great joy in the new.



Jenny Boylan

Anna Quindlen Writer in Residence at Barnard College of Columbia University; New York Times Contributing Opinion Writer; National Co-chair, GLAAD.