Leia Organa: The Galactic Senate’s Only Hope

For decades, the New Republic has led the galaxy out of the darkness imposed by the Empire. Our leaders on various planets, and here in the Senate, have helped us all to leave a terrible past behind.

But we can no longer think only about the past. It’s time to ask ourselves about the future. The impending election will choose a First Senator — a single person who will take primary responsibility for charting the course of our government. As history has taught us, when that power is in the hands of the wrong person, it leads to tyranny and bloodshed. Thus, the vote ahead of us may be the most significant one in the history of the Senate.

#VoteLeia for First Senator.

Do we want to see the same large-scale corruption, military domination, and lack of freedom that we knew under Palpatine? The programs suggested by most of the leading Centrists are all too reminiscent of the earliest stages of the Empire’s evil. Even if they’re motivated by good intentions, rather than Palpatine’s greed and hunger for power, these Centrists would once again demand obedience from every world, rather than allowing us our hard-fought liberty.

If we want peace, the ability for each world to choose its own destiny, harmony among peoples, and the better future we all deserve, the choice is clear. We must elect the Populist candidate, Senator Leia Organa.

Senator Organa’s career must be known to every sentient being on every civilized world in the galaxy. Reciting her achievements seems almost unnecessary. But now, on the eve of this historic vote, we should all remember precisely how much she has done for us all. When she was hardly more than a girl, Senator Organa not only fulfilled the charitable role of princess on her late homeworld of Alderaan, but also began serving in the Imperial Senate — working with her father, Bail Organa, as he valiantly rallied resistance to Palpatine. Then she fought in the Rebellion, side by side with the volunteers on the front lines in historic conflicts such as the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor. After Palpatine’s fall, she immediately began her work with the former citizens of Alderaan, helping them to rebuild their lives, while also rebuilding the Senate.

Most recently Senator Organa has once again proven herself a courageous leader in the wake of the infamous Napkin Bombing. Without the senator’s decisive actions, many lives would surely have been lost that day.

How could any Centrist candidate compare with this impressive legacy? Senator Organa stands before the Senate now, ready to serve in the single most important role imaginable. We know her as we can know few other potential candidates. We can have faith in her. If not Leia Organa — whom else could we possibly trust?

Claudia Gray is Holo-Net News’s Chief Political Correspondent.

#VoteLeia on 5/3.

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