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The Treasure Room, Langdell Hall (credit: J. Weinstock)

Why Libraries [Still] Matter

  • Materials could be shared among lots of people, whether for mere browsing or full reading. The cost could be borne by an institution on behalf of its patrons rather than individual collectors.
  • Books could be indexed and grouped together, so that someone wanting to learn about a topic would have lots of possible books to consult in one visit. And they could be secured, both against the elements and against marauders. Many libraries don’t just look like fortresses — that’s what they are.
Harvard Law School Library, Langdell Hall (credit: Chensiyuan)
The old days: Yale card catalog (credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A library-led venture to save otherwise-ephemeral links.
Data from the Association of Research Libraries, graphed by Stuart Shieber.
H2O: Drag and drop cases from one syllabus to another
This work is made available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.



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