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Mental decluttering, big life changes, and the magic of getting your shit together

  • Tips for becoming better organized, motivated, and on time? Check.
  • Tricks for saving money, setting boundaries, and having difficult conversations with friends, family, and colleagues? Double check.
  • How about advice for transcending everyday bullshit so you can finally focus on big-time dreams, like changing careers, buying a home, or just moving out of your parents’ basement? You. Are. In. Luck. It’s all here.
Baby’s First Flowchart

Mental decluttering 101

Like decluttering your physical space, mental decluttering takes two forms: discarding and organizing. In order to give fewer, better fucks — to get the most out of your limited time, energy, and money — you have to discard the obligations (or things, events, people, etc.) that annoy you, thus making room for the ones on which you are delighted to spend all your time, energy, and money. That’s called “making a Fuck Budget,” and I highly recommend it.

  • Who needs to get their shit together, and why
  • Three simple tools for getting (and keeping) your shit together
  • The Power of Negative Thinking
  • How to get out of work on time and save money while you’re at it
  • Managing anxiety, avoiding avoidance, and conquering your fear of failure
  • Making Big (and small) Life Changes
  • Tons of other awesome shit!
Baby’s Second Flowchart. A gift from me to you!



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