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🪂 Airdrop Alert: The Metaplex Genesis Developer NFT launches on Galxe

An NFT from Metaplex for those building the future of the internet is launching today on Galxe.

It’s been an incredible year for Metaplex. The protocol on a mission to empower independent artists and creators has provided NFT tools to over 95k projects and facilitated nearly $2.6B in sales. With this launch, we celebrate the collaborative work of developers who’ve laid the groundwork for NFT infrastructure on Solana with their contributions to the Metaplex Open Source Libraries.

Artwork by Brandon Mullins

A GitHub snapshot taken on April 22th, 19:00 PT will allow all eligible developers located outside the United States to claim an NFT from April 25th, 21:00 PT, until May 25th, 21:00 PT. Holders of the Genesis Developer NFT may access potential future benefits and rewards from Metaplex. To learn more about how the Metaplex team identified recipients, and their overall approach to community engagement, visit their most recent blog post.

Before starting, make sure you’ve created a Phantom wallet and linked it to your Galxe ID settings. Learn about how to add a Solana wallet to your Galxe ID.

How to claim

  1. Verify your Github Account on Galxe ID
  2. Visit
  3. If the claim button is blue, you are eligible to claim the NFT!
  4. Still unsure about how to claim the NFT? Check out our detailed tutorial

About Metaplex Studios

Metaplex Studios aims to grow the ecosystem of developers and makers that are building on the Metaplex protocol by providing the tools, capital, and resources needed to create the internet of Web3.

About Galxe (previously Project Galaxy)

Galxe is building a protocol that powers on-chain credentials with plug-and-play NFT modules. The permissionless infrastructure allows everyone to create, distribute, and gamify NFTs with customized on-chain data. Developers can build their own loyalty programs, and individuals can issue and claim the NFTs backed by their on-chain achievements.

With Galxe, NFTs become more than just collectibles, but also forms of identification, empowering developers and community members to build more engaging communities together.

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Galxe is the leading Web3 credential data network in the world. A collaborative credential infrastructure enabling brands and developers to engage with communities and build robust products in Web3.

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