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Galxe, previously Project Galaxy is happy to announce the How to Web3 on BNB Chain Campaign in collaboration with CoinMarketCap Earn. A learn-to-earn campaign with over 180,000$ worth of prizes to be won!

Galxe is no stranger when it comes to introducing new chains to its users. In 2021, we launched the Ethereum-based course “DeFi 101” NFT Campaign in collaboration with CoinGecko which rewarded users for learning about Web3 with honour badges. With the fast-moving and evolving DeFi space, we are always looking to find fun ways for users to learn while being rewarded. Back in January 2022, we grew the Solana ecosystem with the SOL Cool event which was an inclusive multi-chain campaign that brought together 27 protocols in one massive campaign.

The How to Web3 on BNB Chain is a 9 lesson program hosted by BNB Chain, presented by CoinMarketCap and powered by Galxe. A total of 9 projects and protocols came together to offer users the chance to explore and try out the BNB Chain in this learn to earn campaign. Each project will host a lesson on the CoinMarketCap earn program which will be followed by a quiz. After completing each lesson and quiz on CoinMarketCap Earn, users can take additional homework which will allow them to claim an OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) NFT Badge on Galxe.

The lessons will start with a tutorial hosted by Galxe, teaching users how to claim their OATs and will be followed by 9 lessons over the course of a 4 week period. The Campaign ends on June 7th,2022 and the last day to claim the OATs is on June 10th, 2022.

How to participate:

  1. Head to the Campaign Landing page on the Coinmarketcap platform.
  2. Choose one of the nine courses to start one of the 10 courses.
  3. After completing the 10 courses, click the “Take the Quiz” button on every course page
  4. After the Quiz, users will be directed to the Galxe page to complete the additional homework and claim their OAT
  5. Each OAT from our partners will unlock the rewards in a total of $180,000 prize pool provided by the respective projects.
    a ) Last claim time for OATs: Jun 10, 2022 08:00 AM UTC.
    b ) The snapshot of respective OATs will be taken on Jun 10, 2022 0900 UTC
  6. Additionally, participants with all 9 OATS and score 100% on CoinMarketCap quiz will be able to claim an Ultimate OAT on Galxe.
    a ) The snapshot of all Partner NFT holders will be taken on Jun 15, 2022 08:00 AM UTC

Celer Network | Bridging Basics

Task Description:

Bridge any asset between BNB chain and any other chain using cBridge.

Note that the following chains have free gas drops on cBridge and relatively lower gas fees:

Astar/BNB/Avalanche/Polygon/Fantom/Oasis/Harmony/Moonbeam Tutorial

*You can bridge your funds back at any time.*

Rewards: 400 lucky winners will receive $50 worth of $CELR

Tranchess | CHESS Player 101

Task Description:

Step 1: Create some QUEEN tokens with BTCB, ETH or BNB through Tranchess’ primary market.

Step 2: Split all your created QUEEN into BISHOP and ROOK through Tranchess’ primary market.

Step 3: Stake the BISHOP and ROOK tokens with Tranchess to start earning CHESS.

Step 4: Congratulations! Mission Complete!

Rewards: 400 lucky winners will receive $50 worth of $CHESS

Venus Protocol| Borrow till Tomorrow

Task Description:

Borrow till Tomorrow

Step 1: Deposit BEP20 tokens as collateral in Venus. If you have ERC20 tokens, you will need to SWAP from ETH to BEP20.

Step 2: Borrow at least $100 of any token on the Venus Markets and hold the loan for 24 hours.

Step 3: Repay the loan to Venus Protocol.

All eligible tokens for this campaign are featured here


From May 9, 2022 — May 15, 2022, the task was Borrow till Tomorrow

From May 15, 2022 — May 19, 2022, the task was updated to Follow The Leader

Starting from May 19, 2022 08:00 UTC, the task will be Borrow till Tomorrow

Rewards: 400 lucky winners will receive $50 worth of $XVS

PearDAO | Pear Farm 101 (BNB Chain)

Task Description:

Complete at least one transaction on the Pear Marketplace Tutorial:

Rewards: 2,000 lucky winners will receive $10 worth of $BUSD

Alpaca Finance | Alpaca Smart Investor

Task Description:

Perform one of the below tasks: Invest any amount in one of our Automated Vaults:
Deposit any amount in any of our lending pools:

(Note: While Automated Vaults earn you much higher APYs than lending, there is a higher one-time gas fee of ~$6 to open an Automated Vault position. In comparison, gas for depositing into lending is approximately $0.10. This gas fee is charged by the blockchain network and not Alpaca Finance. So you can choose the task that is most suitable for you.)

Rewards: 200 lucky winners will receive $100 worth of $ALPACA

SecondLive |Metaverse Spacewalk

Task Description:

  1. Complete a new registration (sign in page) on SecondLive official website ( Snapshot: the day of campaign starts
  2. Connect to Twitter in Account Settings on official website
  3. Download PC client and enter 2 different spaces (
  4. Play a jigsaw game once in any space.

Rewards: 2,000 lucky winners will receive $10 worth of $VLIVE

TopGoal |Discover Football Metaverse

Task Description:

New TopGoal registers who complete the following task:

  1. Register for a TopGoal account here: It is recommended that you can use the same email address to create this account as your CoinMarketCap account.
  2. Follow social media channels of TopGoal and Complete this Gleam Form

Rewards: 2,000 lucky winners will receive $10 worth of $TMT

Thetan Arena |Become a Thetanian

Task Description:

  1. Download Thetan Arena here , create an account, and play the first 5 battles
  2. Connect your Metamask/Coinbase wallet to your game account via Thetan marketplace
  3. [Optional] Join Thetan Arena Discord to be a part of our dynamic community and get involved in countless exciting activities.

Rewards: 2,000 lucky winners will receive $10 worth of $THG

Galler | Learn & Profit with NFTs

Task Description:

Connect your wallet to to complete the task.

Rewards: 1,000 lucky winners will receive $20 worth of $BUSD

A total of 180 000$ worth of prizes will be distributed to participants of the How to Web3 on BNB Chain. In the 14 days following the end of the campaign (June 7th, 2022) each project will draw winners to receive a pre-established amount of that project’s token. Participants can refer to the reward distribution table for the prize breakdown.

CoinMarketCap Earn

CoinMarketCap has launched an educational campaign platform that connects cryptocurrency projects with its large retail user base. Grow your community by reaching an audience of

200M+ monthly visitors (Mar 2021 SimilarWeb data), who will discover and learn about your product, as well as earn a small amount of your crypto assets to become one of your users.

About Galxe

Galxe is the largest Web3 credential data network in the world. Built on open and collaborative infrastructure, Galxe helps developers and organizations leverage NFTs and digital credential data to build better products and communities in Web3.

Galxe OAT

Galxe OATs (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) are a creative solution to distribute NFT badges to communities as a record of participation. Brands and projects can use Galxe’s infrastructure to create their own personalized OATs to reward their users. This includes anything from in-person events, various online interactions, or even AMA’s.

Galxe OATs are used for validation that a user performed an action or participated in a specific event. You can transfer or sell your OAT, but the record of the action is stored on the Galxe Credential data network. Available on Polygon and BNB chains, OATs appear in all NFT marketplaces so you can show them off.

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