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4 min readFeb 1, 2022


The rise of metaverse is happening. We started from nothing; We were once marginalized, alienated loners, and are now standing freely in the middle ground of dystopian futurism and the inevitable nostalgia brought by the certain decay — — The Web2 world is sinking, and we are celebrating!

Artists might say they feel like Pablo when getting inspired, and Meta Cowboy is the best way to describe us: saddle up riding on the new wave, always hungry and desperate for the new thrill. We are coming, and yearning for more.

Let’s play some jazz with cigarettes in our hands, and assemble a ragtag gang of spacefaring bounty hunters! It’s time to mess around in the vast Galaxy and collect all your commission NFTs.

Background Story

In the year 20XX, few years after the grand revolution of the Internet that made Web2 almost uninhabitable, humanity has colonized most of the Galaxy and the Metaverse. However, there’s this old tale spreading among colonies: there are 5 hidden gems stowed away across the galaxy, in which one alone will provide freedom and wealth for the common folk. People have spent years trying to find the hidden gems and diving into the Gem Rush. The golden age of treasure hunts thus began.

Amid the rising heat of treasure hunting, an illegal contract system is set up, in which bounty hunters, also referred to as “Meta Cowboys” start off and embark on this romantic yet lonely journey of wandering within the Galaxy.

McCred, a young man who rose from the slums, soon joined this wave, and in no time he became one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the Galaxy. One day he happened to overhear this conversation in a bar.

“I’m telling you man, the intergalactic prison is powered by one of them gems.”

Lighting up a cigarette, our protagonist has put a plan in motion, which started with a…


“What the hell man, you shot me!”

“Yeah…and what you gonna do about it then? Throw me into the intergalactic prison?”

Minutes after the space police and hundreds of drones arrived, only to find McCred sitting alone on a paper box, with a lightened cigarette on his mouth…

Bounty Details

Mission Period: Start from January 31st to February 28th, 2022

Bounty 001: Busted?

Mission: Participated in 20 or more different campaigns on Galxe

The Reward:

Bounty 002: 6’2” Cowboy

Mission: Participated 30 or more different campaigns on Galxe

The Reward:

Bounty 003: Gem

Mission: Participated in 45 or more different campaigns on Galxe

The Reward:

Bounty 004: Escape Plan

Mission: Participated in 65 or more different campaigns on Galxe

The Reward:

Bounty 005: Chillin’ with My Gal

Mission: Participated in 99 or more different campaigns on Galx

The Reward:

How to Claim

About Galxe (previously Project Galaxy)

Galxe is building a protocol that powers on-chain credentials with plug-and-play NFT modules. The permissionless infrastructure allows everyone to create, distribute, and gamify NFTs with customized on-chain data. Developers can build their own loyalty programs, and individuals can issue and claim the NFTs backed by their on-chain achievements.

With Galxe, NFTs become more than just collectibles, but also forms of identification, empowering developers and community members to build more engaging communities together.

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