Gamaxa Minecraft Integrations Released

Hi all,

Over the last few months, the Gamaxa team worked on software that allows Minecraft server operators to (i) accept $GAX Gamaxa for virtual items and (ii) allow their users to trade in-game-items for $GAX without fear of getting scammed.

Accept $GAX as payment for virtual items:

Minecraft server operators can now accept $GAX as payment for the digital goods they sell to their players. Among other things outlined on, taking $GAX as payment allows Minecraft network owners to benefit from fraud-free transactions and nearly-instant transaction settlements.

As displayed in the video below, adopting $GAX allows Minecraft server operators to provide an in-game checkout experience to their users that does not require them to visit external websites to make purchases:

To enable $GAX checkouts for your Minecraft server, install the following plugin and set an acceptance price / Buycraft secret key in the config.yml (e.g. one cent/$GAX).

Trade in-game-items for $GAX:

In-game item trades are very prevalent in Minecraft. Many users have tried to sell their in-game weapons/tools for real currency (eg. PayPal), but have gotten scammed many times. Up until now, there was no way for players to trade their in-game items securely for something that can be easily converted to money. The Gamaxa Minecraft integration allows players to trade $GAX for in-game items between themselves:

We look forward to building more $GAX integrations so that everyone can benefit from Gamaxa’s advantages as a digital currency for gamers worldwide.

View the Gamaxa Minecraft Integration source code:

Get involved by participating in the upcoming airdrop: