The original card game published in 2014.

A Critical Play of Skyfall

The spy is randomly selected.
After a period of guessing, you can all vote on who is the spy.

Target Audience

Formal Elements

Moments of Success: Types of Fun

Moments of Fail: How might we make it better?

  • Many of my friends weren’t familiar with the game, and it was frustrating to find a ruleset and mutually agree. It would have been better if the website specified the rules outright.
  • Over time, you easily master the game as you find patterns in the locations. It would be better to have a larger possibility space. Or alternatively, you could require the Spy guess multiple facts about the “location” (e.g. why are we here?)
  • Coming up with clever questions quickly was very difficult. We might prolong the time to ask questions to make it more interesting.



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Tyler T. Su

Design + Engineering @ Stanford | Incoming Product Designer @ Roblox