Tiff and Sax: Project 2

Spoilers Ahead

Tiff and Sax: The Game

Screenshots from gameplay

Artist Statement

Initial decisions

Types of Fun

Avoid feeling lost and frustrated


Shoving someone off a building in Grand Theft Auto — probably morally wrong.

Leaning into existing models

iPhone emulator can be played on desktop or opened up on your actual phone

Leveling & Skill Progression

Skill progression

Testing and iteration history

Screenshots of two of the 6 total user tests performed

#1: Recalibrating difficulty, maximizing fun

Hints are given to users that appear stuck…

#2: Reenforcing the immersion

Adding in phone calls to increase immersion
Conversation with NPC

#3: Adding depth to the story

End of the story…
Building core and secondary flows

#4: Clearer leveling and direction

Evidence from one part unlocks next part
Example of personal conversation

#5: Adding more thrill

What’s next?

  1. Collaborative Gameplay: I noticed play testers approached puzzles completely differently, when the solution required a mix of multiple methods or ways of thinking. I have a feeling that framing Tiff and Sax as a collaborative co-op game, puzzles will be more fun. This also opens up new possibilities for gameplay, as multiple devices can be utilized to further immerse the players in the world.
  2. Open-Ended Conclusion: I also noticed in play testing that some players would feel that they had all they needed to understand the story before it was officially over. However, the structure of the game is currently rigid. If it is redesigned to be more open-ended, players can explore at their pace and to their satisfaction. Moreover, post-game discussion among friends would lead to new insights about the narrative, introducing. a social mediation type of fun.

Try it yourself

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The focus of CS 247G is an introduction to theory and practice of the design of games. We make games (digital, paper, or otherwise), do rapid iteration, and run user research studies appropriate to game design with the goal of improving and refining our design instincts.

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