Visual Design of Games

Cheese or Font, and Mini Motorways

The elements of Cheese or Font


  • Name of current cheese
  • Timer
  • Score


  • Instruction: “Enter C or F”
  • Prev/Next buttons
  • “Give up” linked text


  • A tragic array of mismatched colors, font weights and font sizes
  • Labels for score and timer
  • Text entry box
  • Repetition of cheese/font name above text entry box
  • Repetition of explanation across columns (“Cheese or font?”, “Enter C or F”
  • All past and future cheeses, rendered in a table

Thumbnail redesigns

Layout rearrangements, substituting typography for graphic elements and interaction
Oversized element
Proximity, color, and typography

Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways, on Apple Arcade, is beautiful.

While a number of thoughtful design choices can be cited, the defining principles are simplicity of interaction, sparsity of interface, and use of color. A player may interact with the game only by selecting a material, and connecting objects along a grid. The grid is latent; it becomes visible when the player lays road, but otherwise disappears from sight. The interface is minimal, containing only the most necessary elements. The colors are gorgeous, with use of tints and shades to create soft contrasts in the game background (rendering simple trees, rivers, and shadows).



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