Visual Design of Games — Practice & Analysis of Persona 5 Royal

To begin with the visual analysis, here is my practice attached:

The game I am analyzing is Persona 5 Royal by ATLUS. The game has a very chic but bold design visuals that grabs people’s attention at first sight. Many games try to have people focus on the visuals of the main stories and make menus or other UI elements as unobtrusive as possible. However, to the contrary, Persona 5 Royal emphasizes its UI as an essential part of the gaming experience in delivering this feeling of rebellion and boldness.

This is the game’s general menu:

First of all, it uses color boldly, a combination of highly saturated red, black and white. These high contrasts grab the player’s attention and resonates with the theme of the game: rebellion against social injustice.

The second thing I notice is their texts. The fonts are almost like images. Some letters are black on white backgrounds, some are the opposite; some letters are upper cases and some are lower cases. Even the same letter would have different styles in different words. This makes it a bit hard to read, but makes the menu resonate with the theme: why does menu typefaces have to look rigid and consistent? Then, the menu items are still readable precisely because of the high contrast the words have with their background and thick strokes.

Thirdly, even though letters do not share the same style with each other, the words are aligned along the oblique line. Thus, it’s easier for the player to follow along each item in the menu.

Fourthly, the buttons on the bottom right corner are organized in a more traditional way, grouped together with button icon on the left and words on the right. The blue and pink colors on the button icons are not consistent with the art style with the game, but that makes it easier for user to use the controller. Although the characters are in Chinese, they share the same general feeling as those English words, irregular with thick strokes. This way, the use of the two buttons are easily understood but their style does not go astray from the general rebellious feeling.

Lastly, the visual hierarchy is clear. The selected item would be bigger than the unselected ones. The button navigation instructions are small and put on the bottom right corner since a player is assumed to know how to use them.

Here are some more UI screenshots of the game:

Overall, I like the visuals of this game because they integrate the menus so well into the game itself and consistent with the theme of the game.



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