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Game Design Fundamentals
Spyfall — the original version

Snow: the starting location

Artist’s Statement

Whisper house is a third-person sensorial escape room game based on PC. We wanted to build a sensorial three-dimensional space that would guide our player in the narrative and create a unique gaming experience.

Target Audience

The player’s avatar in the game is called Max Caufield, an aspiring photographer at Blackwell Academy. As the game is based in a…

Target Audience

Interestingly, according to Ken Wong…

1. Game Elements

Core Elements:

  • Timer
  • Names of Cheeses/Fonts
  • Controls (“c” and “f”)
  • Feedback — was your guess correct?

Supportive Elements:

  • Cheese/Font List
  • Score out of 50
  • Color representation of correct or incorrect guess
  • “How to Play”
  • “Give Up”

Extraneous Elements:

  • Average Score/Quiz Stats
  • “Cheese or Font?” table header
  • Number of plays
  • Quiz rating
  • “Follow”

2. Thumbnail Sketches


The onboarding in this game was non-existent. The game starts with a short narrative explaining the…

Game Design Fundamentals

Student writing from CS 247G: Introduction to Game Design at Stanford University.

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