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Recommendations and Tips to Help You Connect to Better Gaming Content.

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When it comes to gaming content there’s so much to engage with. If you go to youtube and search for gaming videos you are sure to find hosts of “Let’s Plays”, reviews, reactions, music compilations, and game trailers. While this content is fun and entertaining, I’ve found myself seeking different types of games content.

I find great value in content creators who not only show their creative work in games development but also demonstrate a wealth of understanding of mechanics, narrative design and the industry itself.

So here’s a starting list of YouTubers who discuss games, review games and talk of their own experiences to help broaden your own horizons in engaging in gaming content.


Harry Brewis does phenomenal in-depth videos on popular video games and other media content. I started watching him after his scathing review of the Sherlock series back in 2017. While all his videos don’t focus on games, some delving into political topics, a video I would recommend is his look at Lovecraftian narratives in video games and media where he deconstructs how to adapt Lovecraft to a modern audience. He takes it a step further and engages in a dialogue that many don’t like to talk about, Lovecraft's extreme racism and homophobia, and how to reconcile liking Lovecraft despite his overt hatred/fear of those who are not like him.


If you love horror gaming, this YouTuber is fantastic. He has a library dedicated to Silent Hill and the monsters you encounter in those games. The reason I put him on this list is because of two series he does: Forgotten Gems and Tales from the Underground. Forgotten Gems goes into games that have been, forget. While the underground is an indie showcase, usually to a theme and showcases games on allowing smaller creators to get recognition.

Joseph Anderson

If you love longer videos, this YouTuber has a four-hour video on The Witcher. While his video tends to be on the longer side, I love them. He doesn’t post often but when he does it seems to be right after I’ve played a game he’s reviewing. I find when critiquing games, some creators become so negative about all aspects of the game, no matter if there is some great content. While I find Anderson does a deep enough look at the games he critiques to give them a fair chance, looking at the good and bad and the mediocre of some games.

AI and Games

I’m always surprised this channel doesn’t have more subscribers and viewers. AI systems design is an art form. Trying to create believable enemies that also allow for difficulty scaling is a design challenge I never know how to face. This channel breaks down AI systems in video games, how they were designed, how they work, and why they work well or not. I would highly recommend this channel to budding game developers.

Gaming Historian

Games have now been around since a ballistic equation was made into a video game and hell even longer. This channel goes into history you may or may not know about. Some instances have shaped the industry and others are more footnotes. Either way, it’s a really fun channel to watch.

GDC (Game Developers Conference)

This conference happens once per year and if you are striving to be in game development, getting to talk here or attend is a milestone in your career. While you can get a subscription to their full library, they’ve been posting full talks on their youtube channel on every single topic in games development from marketing to tools development in games. I can’t recommend this channel enough.

Thank you for reading and making it this far. Follow for more games related content. I will probably publish another list of YouTubers at a later date because there are so many great content creators with a focus on games.




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