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3 PC Oddities That Are Coming to Switch

One of the many reasons that the Switch rocks

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

We live in a unique time for games. We are less than a year out from two new consoles and the Nintendo Switch has bridged the gap between handheld and console. The Switch is selling like crazy and its catalog is growing along with it. While it doesn’t match the dizzying depths of Sony or Microsoft’s catalog, it does have one thing that neither can come close to matching.


As I look forward to traveling internationally later in 2020, I expect the Switch to be my best friend on these travels. While Nintendo doesn’t have a reputation for bringing dark games to the table, that has changed with the Switch. Mortal Kombat 11, Outlast: Bundle of Terror and the basically perfect Darkest Dungeon are all examples of more mature oddities that found their way from the dark over to the Switch.

But the oddness does not stop there. Over the next year the Switch’s library will be buffed up by a series of PC indie gems that will fit in perfectly with the titles I mentioned above. Since I mentioned Darkest Dungeon (seriously that game is so good and you should 100% play it for now and forever), let’s talk about a game that clearly is inspired by it.

Deep Sky Derelicts

Photo credit: Snowhound Games

With a deep focus on turn-based combat and a sci-fi comic feel, Deep Sky Derelicts comes to the Switch in a definitive edition on March 24th (!). It also comes along with a healthy dose of the ever popular rogue like elements.

It has a deck building aspect and a story that seems to focus on a mysterious and derelict ship on the edge of the galaxy. These kind of grim RPGs are truly my bag, especially when they have a unique setting. This game is everything I could need from a portable title, and it will be the perfect way to stay busy in this haunted spring we’ve found ourselves in.

Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies

Photo credit: Failbetter Games

One of my gaming goals for 2020 is to play more horror text adventures. For whatever reason, the skimp elements and non-existent assets are speaking to me this year. Although this genre has a reputation as being old fashioned and boring, Failbetter Games’ series throws acid directly into that reputation’s face.

Sunless Seas and Sunless Skies are brutal dives into a bizarre Victorian world that differs vastly from our own. As you travel the ocean or space (depending on which game you play) your main focus will be survival. But these games will not make it easy. Darkness and evil are everywhere, and your crews will suffer. This series has been praised for it’s excellent writing and and that’s why I’m there.

World of Horror

Photo credit: panstasz

And now the reason why this article exists: World of Horror.

This game captured my attention from the word go. The art style is modeled after legendary manga artist Junji Ito. The game play is a randomly generated survival horror experience that releases some of the wildest monster designs I’ve ever seen into our unsuspecting world.

While World of Horror is still in early access, it’s announced to come to Switch in the future. It’s a gruesome and disturbing looking experience, and I may have to play it first on my ancient PC. I’m quite hyped for this one.

PC oddities are coming to Switch. I’m glad that Nintendo is allowing these games abroad. The horror genre is diverse and constantly evolving, and these games showcase that completely. I can’t wait to see what other (horrific) things that the E-Shop throws at me next.



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