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The Terror of My Horror Game Backlog

Navigating the digital gaming labyrinth

Photo credit: taken from my play through

Welcome to the Halloween Month at Game Loot! Three articles, all geared to celebrate the best holiday of the year. The leaves have turned and the jack-o-lanterns have been lit…

As I’ve covered here on the publication before, a gaming backlog can be a terrifying thing. It’s a slasher villain that resides on your shelf and/or hard drive. Instead of a butcher knife, it threatens you with a sharp reality. It’s the reality of time, a horror that only the most cosmic of games have ever even attempted to cover. Because the reality of the modern gamer is truly chilling…

I’ve done a good job with my backlog. I’ve eliminated my goal for the year, but I will of course be aiming to complete a few more before the 1st of January 2022. Because it’s Halloween Month at Game Loot, I’m looking at the horror games in my collection. Because I’m a horror writer and fan of the genre, I happen to collect a lot of them. So now that the stars are in alignment and the moon is right, let’s take a stroll through the haunted backlog fields…

It Came From a AAA Studio

Photo credit: Frictional Games

I always like to start with the big games. Sometimes a full on big money experience is what you crave. I did complete Resident Evil Village earlier this year (GOTY contender), but that’s just for starters. I’ve got the survival horror of The Evil Within 2 and the Russian wasteland-terror of Metro Exodus. Control and the upcoming Alan Wake Remastered are calling my name, and I’m halfway-enclined to follow their voice.

Perhaps it’s time I finally play Silent Hill 3? Or the desert terror of Amnesia Rebirth?(Choices…)

THEM!: Indie Edition

Photo credit: Cosmo D

But the big experience isn’t always the best experience. Just like a campfire chat at Camp Crystal Lake, sometimes a small experience is the better one. I’m slowing making my way through Little Nightmares with my wife. I also have the critical darlings Kentucky Route Zero and A Plague Tale: Innocence to consider. Stories Untold and A Night in the Woods are still incomplete, waiting for me in the Playstation cloud.

Yet, there are ill omens. My laptop shudders and howls into the night, trying to run Steam games. My haunted, creaky laptop can handle the weird-hotel of The Norwood Suite. ANATOMY literally intimidates me, but this is the year I take the plunge.

Last Words…

I’m glad that I’m starved for choices. October is my favorite month of the year, and I like to celebrate right. The question is: how?

Stay tuned as the month moves along.



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