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4 Science-Backed Strategies to Create Closure Post Heartbreak

Don’t stay stuck waiting for closure. Try these proven methods to reclaim your sanity and move on.

Manj Bahra
8 min readMar 21, 2024


“Unfinished business is a constant blemish on the psyche, always calling for attention, and never at peace.” — David Allen

Are you struggling to move on from someone due to a lack of closure?

Perhaps things changed so fast you can’t make sense of it. You could be kicking yourself for what you didn’t do. Or maybe there’s a conversation yet to happen that you think could change everything.

Having been a relationship coach for five years, I can categorically say that lack of closure is the number one obstacle to people moving on.

A common question I’m asked is — why?

The full answer is worthy of its own article. Let’s keep it simple for now — humans have an innate desire for closure.

If you’ve read my article on the Zeigarnik Effect, you’ll know all about this. Our brains hate open loops and will dedicate as much bandwidth to closing them. If something doesn’t make sense to us, it’s hard to let it go — regardless of what others say.



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