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A Brutal Dating Truth That Will Save You Time & Pain

My #1 lesson after coaching over 450 people 1:1

Manj Bahra
4 min readJun 3, 2024


I’ve coached over 450 clients in the dating game. Agonising heartbreak, escaping the friend zone, obsessive crushes, fantasies, affairs, attracting dream partners — I’ve seen it all. And more.

After 1000s of hours of coaching sessions, I’ve learned a thing or two about what works.

But if there’s ONE problem that rears its head more than anything, it’s the toxic cycle of always chasing people who give mixed signals, only to get rejected and have no clue what went wrong.

And that sucks. It can be a total mindf*ck.

That’s why if I had to summarise all my coaching learnings into ONE thing I want everyone to know, it would be this single brutal truth.

Something that will save you potentially years of wasted time, energy and pain:

People who want you don’t make it difficult.

I don’t expect everyone to hear that the first time I say it. And that’s fine — I’ll wait.

Because one day, you will realise this is the simplest principle you can apply to dating.

And I’m telling you this from raw experience.



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