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How to integrate Azure Function and SQLite?

A tutorial for beginners to detail how to set up SQLite and implement API with Azure Function in just a few minutes.

Integrating SQLite and Azure seems to be easy but it's hard to find a working example to get this done.

Especially, it's tricky to set up the database’s path properly and you need to try and error for finding the best solutions.

This tutorial aims to help you smoothly integrate SQLite with Azure Function.

Let’s get started.



Step1: Create Azure Function

Open Visual Studio 2022 → Select and create Azure functions

Setup Project Name and solution Name

Select HTTP trigger in Function

This will create an HTTP Sample function

Step2: Install Packages

Then we need to install two dependent libs below.

2.1 Install Azure ToolKit

2.2 Install SQLite Lib

Find and install sqlite-net-pcl

Step3: Import and Setup SQLite

You and drag and drug your SQLite database into your root project

For example, we will import test.db below. (test.db is just an example)

Then select test.db and set up its properties


Step4: Create Data Mode Class

Since our data only have two columns, we can create DataModel class below to retrieve data and convert it to a class.

Step5: Create an API

5.1 Parse Request Data from JSON to Class

Create an API below to parse and convert the request data from JSON to ShopRequest class.

We can define ShopRequest class for request data.

public class ShopRequest
public string name;

Then use JsonConvert.DeserializeObject to convert data from JSON to ShopRequest class.

ShopRequest requestObj = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<ShopRequest>(requestBody);

5.2 Check and Copy Database

We need to implement a function to check if the database does not exist on Azure, then copy the database from the root path to Azure Path with reading and writing permission.

Why you need to copy?

Because if you don’t, you will get an error: database is locked.


Copy your database to D:/home/<your database name> with writing and reading permissions.


5.3 Get SQLite ConnectionString, Setup Connection and Query

Step6: Test

Start your function locally by Visual Studio and set up postman to send traffic.

You will be able to see the following

Step7: Publish Function to Azure and Test

7.1 Publish Function

Open Visual Studio 2022 → Build→ Click Public Selection → Select Azure

Select Azure Function App (Windows)

Change Name

Then select created function

Once the function is created, then click Publish Button to deploy

Next, we need to know the deployed API endpoint.

Click Get Function Url to get the API URL of your Azure Function

Finally, paste your API URL to the postman and you can send traffic to test


You have learned how to

This tutorial not only can save you time to develop APIs on Azure, but also you can make use of a lightweight database (SQLite) to save costs.

You can download the sample project here in this tutorial.



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