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Tips to Choose Azure PlayFab Unity SDK or C# SDK for Unity Games

This post will explore the difference between PlayFab Unity SDK and C# SDK, as well as provide guidelines to integrate.

  • How to choose a suitable SDK for your Unity games?

Table of contents

  • Unity SDK VS C# SDK
  • How to integrate Unity SDK?
  • How to integrate C# SDK?


Unity SDK

  • Uses Callback pattern to return a value
  • Can support Unity v5.3+
  • Requires to handle the logic in a resultCallback and an errorCallback.
  • Can support .NET 2.0 or higher


  • Uses Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP): async/await
  • Required to support C# v5 or above
  • Only can support .NET 4.5 or higher
  • Easy to maintain that you can control all the logic in the same place by async/await


If you have a new game project, it's better to choose C# SDK for PlayFab because Task-based Asynchronous patterns will make your codes clean and easy to maintain.


Let’s demonstrate both SDKs to invoke the same function - LoginWithAndroidDeviceID.

Unity SDK

  • This makes your codes hard to debug and trace errors when your code project becomes bigger.


How to integrate Unity SDK?

  • Download the PlayFab Unity SDK package here.
  • Import it into your project
  • Setup Title ID and Developer Secret Key in PlayFabSDK/Shared/Public/Resource/PlayFabSharedSettings.asset

How to integrate C# SDK?

  • Pass apiSettings to clientApi.


You have learned the difference between PlayFab Unity SDK and C# SDK in this post.

  • Task-based Asynchronous pattern



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