$GAME Airdrop for $ATOM Holder

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3 min readSep 25, 2021


  • GAME’s governance token, $GAME, will be distributed to key stakeholders within the Cosmos ecosystem through fairdrop.
  • 1% of the total $GAME genesis supply will be distributed, based on the double snapshots taken on February 18, 2021 and on November 1, 2021
  • Airdropped $GAME will be supplied at the time of GAME mainnet launch scheduled in December. (※Postponed to January 2022)

Airdrop Recipients

This $GAME airdrop is designed to bootstrap the GAME community by incentivizing ATOM holders through double snapshots based airdrop distributing 2Million $GAME (1% of genesis token supply).

ATOM Holders

1 Million $GAME will be distributed to ATOM holders in each airdrop based on a snapshot taken during the Cosmos Hub Stargate Upgrade on February 18, 2021 and at 0:00 UTC on November 1, 2021.

The snapshot was and will taken at the final block of cosmoshub-3 at 6:00 UTC on February 18, 2021 and at the block at 0:00 UTC on November 1, 2021.


To make sure the more decentralized initial distribution, $GAME will be distributed in the form of fairdrop. This fairdrop is intended to ensure that all members of Cosmos Hub are given a fair opportunity to participate in GAME.

In the aspect of it, we have implemented a max cap of 50,000ATOM per wallet; thus, a maximum balance of 50,000ATOM will be considered while calculating the eligible airdrop amount.

The amount of $GAME that each address receives is proportional to the square root of its ATOM balance defined as a total amount of staked ATOM and unstaked ATOM or a maximum balance of 50,000ATOM.

The eligible airdrop amounts for ATOM holders based on each snapshot will be calculated based on the following fairdrop formula:

0.5% of genesis token supply of 200,000,000 $GAME will be distributed to ATOM holders in each airdrop.

Receiving the Fairdrop

There’s no need to claim this fairdrop. 100% of your $GAME will be automatically airdropped at the time of the launch of the GAME mainnet scheduled in December (※Postponed to January 2022).

A website to check your eligibility and the number of $GAME your would receive will be open in early November 2021.

About GAME

GAME is a decentralized autonomous gaming platform where game enthusiasts such as players, developers, investors and so on come together participating in the operation directly.

Participating in GAME project itself is the beginning of magnificent MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online) RPG where GAME community members also including validators, delegators and liquidity providers consist of a decentralized autonomous platform and expand the ecosystem with sustainable growth.


GAME is currently recruiting members of engineers who can develop original blockchain using Cosmos-SDK. Please feel free to contact us at Twitter if you are interested.

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GAME Project(Former MOLD project)

Co-Founder Takumi Asano / 朝野 巧己 (アサノタクミ)

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