GameArter Work Summary | Year 2018

Best way to realize working productivity is to get a ratio of spent time vs created results. On basis of transparency — one of our basic values— we decided to share our working summary not only with people connected in the system, but with the wider public. Thus, since September 2018, this is where everyone can get information about work we did in past months.

December 2018

December brought significant cut of advertising revenue (this affected most publishers of browser based games). CPMs were very low comparing to previous months and also with historic data for December. The revenue decrease was reflected retroactively also back to November where we got huge deduction (50%) of video ads revenue (Google ads for games service). From one of the highest CPMs in the market, we delivered only average results for developers in past 2 months of 2018.

Due to the decrease in revenue, paid promotion of games in GameArter network stopped to be profitable and thus was paused for December.

Since December we have been focused on improving results of video advertising revenues. By various adjustment we decreased revenue deductions for invalid clicks and have done piece of work related to Ad Exchange. All these steps will continue also for next months with a goal to increase CPMs from displayed ads.

In a matter of in-app purchases we are technically ready to launch this service by the end of January 2019.

11 Released games

Game releases were paused in December. We felt the need to analyze the decrease and deduction in advertising revenue before we would put developers in a risk of next deductions. Thus, every developer could choose whether he wants to release his game immediately, or wait for result of our investigation. Here’s list of 11 released games:

Analytics Summary:
Games powered by GameArter were played 12,4M times by 4,4M users.

November 2018

Product development

  • Added new metrics to developer panel for simple check of games health
Quick panel for a game. Detailed statistics are available in as .csv export.
  • Release of our game Taxi City which show options of GameArter's SDK.
  • Minor changes in our loading screen for games.
  • Added option to follow developers. This feature allows to build close relationship between players and developers. Currently in beta on PacoGames.
  • GameArter Slack became more public. Developers can post feedback for other games and vote for requested improvements.

20 Released games

Analytics Summary:
Games powered by GameArter were played 11,5M times by 4,1M users.

October 2018

Product development

  • Open source tool for incomes recovery of users using Ad blocker tools.
  • Start of development of SDK for HTML5 games.
  • Considerable progress in our game which we develop with a goal to bring quality game on web + to get better understanding of developers needs.
  • Implemented new feature for Assets management into SDK for Unity. This feature allows users save and manage self-created game content. Such self-created content is property of its author which can decide what permissions other users have regarding the property. On basis of permissions, other users can such property use, modify, duplicate, and rate. Designed for games which are created by players themselves.

Business development

18 Released games

Analytics Summary:
Games powered by GameArter were played 11,7M times by 4,2M users.

September 2018

Product development:

  • Release of Full SDK for Unity. For more info, see documentation.
  • Ready to use leaderboards feature for games.
  • Automatic tracking of user losses in games. Data are displayed in GameArter dashboard, section Reports/playability.
  • SDK extended about new type of events with direct connection to in-app purchases.

Business development:

  • Customization of game listing at leading to new options of GameArter games promotion.

3 Written articles:

12 Released games:

Analytics Summary:
Games powered by GameArter were played 11,9M times by 4,1M users.

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